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The Basics of Building a Shipping Container Home

Building a home out of a shipping container is a project many have chosen to participate in. Why? Because it’s a whole lot of fun to do. Plus, you get to live inside an amazing living space that you created yourself. There are plenty of reasons why you should consider building a shipping container home and one of them is the cost. Even with a tight budget, you can transform an old container into a desirable living space by […]

Do we need a new fire safety framework for construction?

Building safer structures
It’s 2019, and you’d think we’d be past the point of worrying whether our buildings are about to burn down. Yet that’s the reality for many people after a spate of tragic fires, as well as warnings from unions and fire safety advocates. From schools to tower blocks to historic buildings, it seems that skimping on fire safety is still seen as an opportunity to save costs, rather than a vital means to protect properties and lives.

Particularly […]

Genius Ways to protect your home

People that have experienced a home burglary will all tell you the same thing: they have never felt more unsafe, violated and shook like in the hours after they discover their belongings missing.

Sometimes, it’s not so subtle – while some burglars are “gentle” and don’t want their presence to be found out, some home intruders cause a lot of damage to things they perceive as having no value to them.

Things that may be emotionally priceless might be taken and […]

Why Clients Are Using Glass Floors To Flood Their Buildings With Light

Glass has become one of the most versatile and effective construction tools we have available to us. As architects and developers have pushed the boundaries of what we can achieve with glazing, so too have our clients levelled up their expectations for their projects.

One glazing solution that has seen a significant transformation in recent decades has been the glass floor, which has become something of an indispensable tool for the architect or homeowner looking to flood a space with […]

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): The Basics

PPE: An Overview
PPE is the acronym for personal protective equipment. It can be an item of clothing (such as vests, jackets, full-body suits, high visibility clothing), headgear (helmets, hard hats), footwear (boots, safety shoes), or a device (respirator, self-contained breathing apparatus). These devices and items of clothing are designed to minimise the risk to an employees’ health and safety whenever they are in a hazardous worksite.
Who Needs PPE?
People who work in hazardous workplaces need personal protective equipment. They can […]

Working Safely on Scaffolding – The Do’s and Don’ts

Falls are one of the leading causes of death at building sites and a high percentage of these fatalities are attributed to scaffold related falls and accidents. 

The main issue with safety when working on scaffolding is all down to whether the scaffolding structure is completely safe to work on. This means working on scaffolding which has been erected by trained professionals under the supervision of a competent person and that the scaffold has been correctly inspected before use. It’s […]

4 Tips for Finding a Reliable Roofing Contractor

Installing a new roof or doing repairs and maintenance to an existing one is a huge project and thus you should do a good job when hiring a contractor. The roof plays a big role in protecting your interiors. If the job is not done well, you not only end up with a bad roof but you could also end up ruining your entire home. Roofing is also a risky job considering the height and thus it ought to […]

How Risky is Construction Work and What Should You Do If You Get Hurt?

The construction industry is a risky place to work. There’s no doubting this fact because it’s borne out by the health and safety statistics. It’s a high paying profession for skilled workers but it’s also true that it comes with additional safety concerns for workers. Also, it’s perhaps a greater worry that older construction workers are more at risk than younger ones, but hopefully most of older employees are in management by the 30s or 40s and ostensibly are […]

Pros and Cons of Velux Windows

Velux windows are growing increasingly popular, especially at this time of year, as the trend for interiors become more abstract and natural lighting takes a forefront in home design. However, are Velux windows worth the investment and time, or will they end up becoming the bane of your life?
Maximise natural lighting in your home
With the addition of Velux windows, you enable the space to be filled with as much natural light as possible. Due to the placement of Velux […]

A Guide to Prefabricated Steel Construction Materials

There are two ways of looking at prefabricated steel construction materials; prefabricated steel reinforcing and prefabricated steel structures. The prefabricated steel reinforcing is reinforcing that has already been designed and all the loose and shaped steel have been welded or tied together to form a cage, that can easily be placed before concrete is poured. Prefabricated steel structures are modularised and panelised steel structures used to create bigger structures like commercial and industrial warehouses, sheds and aeroplane hangars.
Why use […]