How to increase the Value of Your House?

How to increase the Value of Your House?

If you plan on selling your house in the near future, you may wonder how to maximize the amount that you will be able to ask for, on the market. Choosing to renovate your home is a great way to add value to it, but you have to know where to invest your money. Also, if you can actually benefit from these upgrades for a year or two, before selling it, then you will get the best of both worlds.

Start with Energy Efficiency Renovations

In the UK, houses that are graded “A,” in regards to energy efficiency, can sell up to 14% higher than the average price of a home located nearby. That tells you how important these renovations are, if your home is not airtight. But before you initiate any work, you should get a house value estimate. It will help you understand how much you could expect to receive, if you would sell your house tomorrow. Once you have that in hands, call-up a specialist who will be able to identify your house weaknesses, and who can provide you with a quote on the cost of the work that needs to be done.

Renovations that have to deal with the loss of energy of a house usually start with removing old windows and doors and replacing with them with newer models. Today, windows are treated to optimize their thermal efficiency. Therefore, you can actually replace them for much larger ones, which will enable more natural light to come into the home, which will help you save on lighting costs. But most of all, it will add to the sell price of your home, as buyers now look for structures that features bay windows, as well as floor to ceiling ones.

The second element that matters most, when you are trying to save energy, is to make sure that your roof is sealed tight. This is where the heat or the cool air tends to leave the house, which increases the demand on your heating system. Thermal insulation will ensure that you don’t waste energy anymore. Once the work is completed, you can ask for another house value estimate to know where you stand.

Modernize the Kitchen and the Bathrooms

In 2023, there are two rooms that matter more than others for buyers: The kitchen and the bathrooms. If you want to maximize your sell price, you need to make sure that both are updated to today’s tastes. In the kitchen, this means increasing the amount of natural coming in. You can do so by breaking down the back wall and replacing it with a folded glass door system. This is the ultimate tool to get the price of your home to go up.

As for the bathrooms, colour will be key. People are looking at bathrooms as the place where they can rest and enjoy some down time. If you have space for a separate bathtub and shower, you will also clearly help yourself in the quest of finding buyers to fight for your home, which will increase its value and the final sales price.

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