About us

We didn’t just want to establish a construction directory website that listed the basic details of a company and nothing more. At the National Construction Council we want to give the visitor the ability to search for any tradesman from a plumber to electrician; from an architect to skip hire, and everything in-between.

We want to deliver a service where anyone in the building trade can come and view the latest news, upload details of their projects, promote their business and write about insider knowledge. It’s the place to be; where the customer can find exactly what they require quickly and efficiently and all under one roof.

The National Construction Council is the place to visit if you want to find out all there is to know about the construction industry. We do more than just provide the contact details for construction related companies; we supply everything there is to know about them.

At the National Construction Council Directory we also deliver the latest news within the construction agency and we value your input. With a dedicated blog we offer another avenue of promotion for your business, and further space for customer input and research. It’s a service you won’t find on other websites.

Customer or contractor, the benefits are real

For the customer looking for the right tradesman or company to undertake a construction job, you will be able to easily locate the correct trade and start your research instantly. The National Construction Council Directory will enable you to:

  • locate your required tradesman quickly without tedious searches
  • compare companies and their services
  • conduct in-depth research on several companies all on one site, until you find the business that suits you
  • rate work carried out for you or view ratings from other customers

For companies, the benefits of registering on the National Construction Council Directory are numerous. Some of these include:

  • highlighting your company or trade in business searches
  • quality listing featuring your contact details, Google map and homepage
  • increased rate of traffic to your website
  • your business appearance in keyword searches
  • backlink to your website, helping to build upon web presence and page ranking
  • in-depth promotion of your business and its services
  • promotion on the fastest growing construction related directory around

At the National Construction Council we strive to promote a high level of service for our users whether you are home-owner, tradesman, contractor, consultant, wholesaler or merchant.