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Skip Hire & Rubbish Removal Services in the UK

This category involves Skip Hire/Rubbish Removal services based in different areas of the UK. These service providers cater to customers all over the country through the disposal of waste materials of all types and sizes. Be it a home-based DIY project or a large-scale construction site, skip hire companies can accommodate all your needs and deliver efficient and swift rubbish removal service.

Service Description

The companies can provide customers with skips of different sizes depending on the scale of the project. No matter what you require, skip hire companies always deliver solutions that work. Rubbish removal services are available at reasonable charges so that, no matter what your budget, you can avail them whenever the need arises. Work quality is first-rate, and skip hire teams pride themselves on their excellent customer service.

All projects are undertaken with the time constraints in mind. Skip hire operators have very quick response times, usually 24 hours, but exceptions can be made in case of highly urgent projects. Different kinds of skips are delivered on trucks of varying sizes. The skips can hold general waste (rubbish, plastics, vegetation, wood, washed out paint tins, etc.), inert waste (concrete, tiles, bricks, clays, soil, ceramics, hardcore mix, etc.), builders’ waste, and metal waste. In general, products like monitors and TVs and hazardous waste like batteries, solvents, florescent tubing, asbestos, oil, oil containers, and liquids are not placed in skips.


Skips are available to be hired for both domestic and industrial use. Rubbish removal companies cover all areas of the UK to ensure no site is left polluted and unhygienic. The operators know the ins and outs of waste removal and can provide expert recommendations about which skip to hire and how best to eliminate rubbish from different sites. They make sure to provide customers with cost-effective and environmentally friendly means of waste removal.

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