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Plasterers in the UK

This classification includes Plasterers who work on different locations across the UK. A plasterer’s main job is to apply coverings of plaster to inner walls, ceilings, and panels of buildings, and to create finished exteriors according to designs, architect’s sketches, or verbal instructions, using hand tools and power gears. Once the plaster has been applied, it is then spread across the wall(s) using a soft towel to attain the required thickness.

Service Description

Plasterers work closely with construction companies because, once a house is built, it is necessary to apply plaster to smoothen the walls before the painting begins. Different companies specializing in this area of work are delivering smooth and durable walls for houses across the UK. Their aim is to fulfill the needs and requirements of clients and to conduct each job with the necessary skill and care. The professionals make sure that all work is delivered within the stated deadline. Working hours and project charges are discussed with the client before the actual work begins. Charges are set according to the duration and complexity of the project and the client’s budget. The workers are fully trained and have the required skill sets to handle various plastering jobs.

Plasterers tend to work in teams, and some professionals with extensive experience under their belts have set up their own service companies and are delivering services at affordable charges. These are generally small-scale outfits with few employees, and all profits made are divided equally. Such plastering companies tend to work on small-scale projects involving houses and shops. While small in size, their quality of service can match that delivered by larger companies.

Plastering jobs are not limited to new houses. Existing homeowners also employ such professionals to renew fading wall paint. A coat of plaster is applied to the walls before the paint can be refreshed.

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