Moving Home? How To Plan The Look And Feel Of Your New Place

Moving home is the perfect opportunity to start afresh, thinking deeply about how you relate to your home environment. It’s a chance to create a practical and relaxing, liveable space that truly reflects your personality and your needs,

Achieving this isn’t as simple as unpacking and arranging furniture on moving day. There are lots of factors you need to consider to achieve the right look and feel of your new home.
When poring through interior decor magazines or blogs, it’s easy […]

3D Measured Building Surveys: The Cost-Accuracy Trade-off

3D Measured Building Surveys involve scanning the interior and exterior of a property with lasers, resulting in a set of 3D data coordinates known as a point cloud.

They are great for mapping existing structures and exporting dimensionally accurate data to popular CAD software, including Revit and AutoCAD, for further manipulation. From here the dimensional point cloud, colour, and texture data are used in Building Information Modelling (BIM), architectural and interior refurbishment designs, and CGI renovation plans, among many other […]

Interest Rate Rises and how they Affect House Prices?

Well, currently it may be a little hard to translate how these interest rates are affecting the property market. It tends to take some time for the effects of a higher interest rate to really bed in due to the purchasing behaviours of those buying houses. Why I hear you ask? Well, you don’t exactly pop down to the local shop to buy a house. You will have planned for months if not years for the purchase and more […]

12 Essential Skills Every Construction Worker Should Have

Every career requires a specific set of skills. When it comes to construction, this no exception. Although a construction worker needs different skills to an office employee, their training is no less important. The good news is that those skills don’t necessarily have to be innate and can always be cultivated over time. Let’s take a closer look at some of the critical skills every construction worker should have.
1. A Solid Education
Trade or technical schools offer the skills needed […]

3 Key Working at Height Project Incidents and What We Can Learn from Them

Britain’s national regulator for workplace health and safety, Health and Safety Executive (HSE), reported three work-at-height incidents on its news pages in 2018. No organisation ever has the intention of harming its employees, but accidents can, and do, happen. It is vital to carefully look at these incidents and understand what went wrong, so that, ultimately, we can learn from them.
Apprentice Falls and Sustains Injuries: Company Fined £100,000
A 16-year old apprentice joiner working for a scaffolding company fell approximately […]

5 Electrical Safety Tips For Your Home

What makes a house a true home? Of course, to have a perfectly maintained garden, a dog running around, and a cozy spot next to the fireplace is the first thing that comes to mind. It does sound quite inviting. But that is just scratching the surface. Don’t get this the wrong way, everyone loves to be surrounded by nice things, but there is a special element that can create that homely feeling – and that is safety. A […]

Increasing Building Regulations Make New Builds a Safer Investment

Recent articles in the media and tragedies like the Grenfell Tower fire have raised concerns about building regulations across the UK. There have been calls for a government inquiry to be launched to update ‘Approved Document B’ after criticisms that the official government advice is not up to scratch and could put people in danger.  For property investors, these headlines can be concerning, but it might actually be good news, with regulators tightening down on the safety of new […]

What to look for in a dedicated plumber’s insurance policy

If you are a plumber, you might already be familiar with various insurance products which tend to be commonly recommended to people in various trades, not just plumbing. “Public liability insurance” and “employer’s liability insurance” are usually mentioned especially often.

However, as a plumber, you regularly take on risks that are unique to your trade. For this reason, it’s worth looking for an insurance policy that is dedicated to plumbers’ use.
As an employer, you would have this insurance obligation
Plumbers can […]

Ten Home Improvement Projects That Significantly Increase Property Value

Home improvement undertakings provide you with many tips, suggestions, and ideas to transform your home exteriors and interiors with modern textures, colors, and styles. Ideally, this is a perfect opportunity for you to express yourself and to showcase your interests. Creativity is the key to exceptional home improvement. The more reason you need to let loose your aesthetic sense, intelligence, and imagination and come up with numerous ideas.

Admittedly, home remodeling is a big project for homeowners. It is crucial […]

Investing in property: why it’s a smart move in the modern economy

Property has long been seen as a relatively safe bet when it comes to investment. While there have been some declines here and there over the years, the general trend in the property market is usually upwards – and that’s because ultimately there is always going to be a demand for places to live. Whether you go for a house or a flat, there are plenty of reasons to invest in property. This post will explain why property is […]