What to do if Bed Bugs Keep Coming Back?

It’s annoying to have to keep treating your home for bed bugs when they keep coming back, particularly if you’ve followed all the proper guidance.

The truth is, bed bugs can be challenging even for the most thorough extermination. They’re easily transported from place to place, and one female can produce as many as 200 bed bugs. It can take just one room to be taken over, and before you know it, an entire home can be infested!

One reason which […]

Reasons for Choosing Herringbone Flooring 

It is easy to become overwhelmed with the multiple options available for home or office flooring. In both settings, you would most likely wish to make a lasting impression, but you also want to be sure that your floors are compatible with your décor and are durable.

One popular flooring choice meets these criteria. Herringbone flooring lends itself to both durability and attractiveness. There are several reasons that make herringbone flooring an excellent choice.

Herringbone flooring is stylish

Whatever your taste in […]

The Importance of Eye Protection in the Workplace

It’s essential that business owners make the health and safety of their employees a priority. Whatever the industry, employers have a duty of care to their workforce.

One area that requires special attention is the eyes. There are certain sectors that pose more of a risk to eyes than others, meaning that employers working in these areas of industry must be aware of the methods to use to prevent employees from damaging their sight while at work.

If you’re an employer […]

What are the Best Marketing Strategies for a Construction Company?

Every industry sector has different needs, when it comes to marketing campaigns. That includes the housing sector, which is very special. Of course, it requires a huge budget to keep the company running afloat, to bring in new contracts.

Because the success of a business depends on its marketing and because it is more important today than ever before to make use of the best strategies, here are a few ideas about how a construction company – large or small […]

Prioritising the Safety of Construction Workers: A Guide 

Ensuring the safety of employees in any capacity is of utmost importance to any company director or a business owner. No matter the industry or sector you find yourself in, prioritising the safety of your employees should be at the top of your lists.

None more so than in industries like construction and other manual sectors. When faced with the prospect of heavy lifting and the use of heavy machinery daily, having the appropriate safety measures in place is crucial.

With over 4,000 major injuries occurring in the construction industries per year, you naturally want to […]

7 Construction Projects That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

Undertaking a remodeling or construction project can be a great way to customize your home while increasing your home’s resale value. However, not all “improvements” are made equal—prospective buyers appreciate (and are willing to pay more for) certain renovations. Some particular construction projects may even make your home less attractive to potential buyers, lowering your home’s resale value.

While house exterior improvements typically return higher percentages of renovation costs, some select interior renovations can also produce a high renovation cost […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Home Renovation

It can be really exciting and a little nerve-wracking to renovate your home. But it’s a wise decision, as remodelling can greatly increase your property value. In fact, you can get up to 78% return on investment if you sell. Others look to renovate their home because it’s less expensive than buying a new property, and they can enjoy it longer.

If it’s your first time renovating your home, you may not be sure where to start. That’s why we’ve […]

Top 5 Glazing Solutions For Residential Projects In 2021

No renovation project or architectural design is complete without some form of glazing, from glass floors to sliding doors, and motorised glass to energy-efficient windows. All of these effectively flood your projects with natural light and create an enhanced sense of space for your clients.

As the world of architecture continues to develop rapidly, the role of glass has also evolved. Glazing now offers more flexibility than ever before, and client requests and requirements have changed.

When it comes to planning […]

Hire A Mini Digger

What are Diggers/Excavators?
Mini excavators look for machines that are usually the same size as a normal skid steer loader but have a very different purpose. These include a heavy-duty stick that interfaces with multiple attachments and a mounted blade. To be considered mining, a machine would typically weigh 10,000 pounds, or less than 5 tons, although this principle is not strictly followed.

Small diggers, also called compact excavators, are primarily valued by small hydraulic diggers for their expertise and ability […]

A Definitive Guide to Conservatory Roof Replacements

You can revamp your conservatory by just replacing your roof with little or no trouble at all. Though a “roof replacement” might sound like a herculean task, it is really not. In fact, it is far easier than you might think. By having a roof replacement, you can enjoy your room all through the year. You have more to gain than lose.

In this article, we will cover all you need to know about conservatory roof replacements from Konservatory and […]