5 ways to recognize a reliable painting and decorating contractor

Renovation of interiors or exteriors is something you do every few years or even decades. It’s natural that you want the project to be carried out in the most efficient and diligent way. Thus, it’s crucial to choose a reliable painter and decorator. We’ve prepared a list of ways in which you can identify a contractor that is worth your trust!

If you don’t have any recommendations, choosing a painting and decorating company can be a hard nut to crack. […]

Understanding the different types of architectural cost estimation 

Cost estimation is a process that benefits everyone involved in building or extending a property. Yet for something that is supposed to provide transparency and clarity, the world of architectural cost estimation can be confusing. Depending on the scale of the project, there are a myriad different ways to estimate costs, each with varying reliability.

Not all of these methods will apply to every build, and some may be more relevant to different end users, whether that’s builders, self-builders or […]

Change Management In The Construction Industry

Construction does not immediately jump out as an industry that may face issues with change management, but in fact this is simply not the case.  This last year has seen many changes within the construction industry, running operations throughout a year that has faced both the coronavirus pandemic and had to make plans for the effects of leaving the European union and the uncertainty surrounding imports when the Brexit transition period ended. It is essential, therefore, for construction companies […]

As Workloads Grow, This Is How Contractors Can Streamline Their Business

For any job, finding ways to complete tasks more efficiently is desirable. After all, the quicker and easier you get something done, the more time and money you’ll save. That’s vital, given that businesses can lose 30% of yearly revenue from inefficiency.

How you can best achieve this efficiency, though, depends on what you do for a living. A mechanical contractor can’t hope to do the same things as a retail worker or educator and expect to receive the same […]

4 Considerations for Landowners in the UK

Being a landowner can encompass many different things. It could be private land, include a public right of way, or something else entirely.

There are many considerations when you take on the responsibility of being a landowner. Certainly, it’s difficult to know what all of them are at the beginning. However, to help you, here are 4 considerations that shouldn’t get overlooked.
1.      A Need for Proper Insurance
It’s a sad fact that even in the case of someone entering your land […]

The Customs Clearance Startup Taking the Friction out of Brexit

The UK’s borders are not equipped – both in terms of staff and technology- to handle the increased workload that Brexit will bring about. Trade bodies representing the UK logistics sector are becoming increasingly firm in their warnings, citing potential materials shortages as a consequence. The impact this will have on the construction industry must not be underestimated.

This is why KlearNow, the customs clearance tech startup, has set its sights on post-Brexit UK as it continues its mission to […]

Choosing a trade? These handyman jobs pay the best, and worst

When entering the handyman line of work, it can be tough to choose which trade to focus on. Tasks like painting, roofing and masonry require different skills, and often qualifications as well. So, where to focus your efforts? Two considerations are important to many: job availability and pay. Most prefer a profession where they won’t be struggling for work. Good compensation is highly desirable, as well.

Whether you’re just choosing your trade or re-training for a career change, here’s what […]

5 Ways to Stop Condensation in Your Home

Condensation occurs when warm air contacts cold surfaces, or when a large amount of humidity exists. At home, many activities contribute to the release of warm moisture in the air which quickly turns to water.

It tends to be worse in winter as our windows are usually closed, and the heating is generally cranked up. Leaving condensation simply isn’t an option, as it can turn into black mould, which as well as being awful to look at, can also lead […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Cost Management in Construction

In the United Kingdom, the construction industry contributes over £117 billion to the national economy. From civil engineers to electricians, carpenters to scaffolders, there are many different types of construction workers. However, they all have one thing in common – the need to manage costs in this multi-billion-pound sector.

A finished construction project is a combination of raw materials, specialised (and often expensive) equipment, and hours of hard work by a team of professionals. Each of these components comes at […]

5 unique ways to utilise your loft space

The humble loft… it’s dark and dusty, it’s filled with junk and your kids think it’s haunted. Actually, it’s also the most overlooked and underutilised space in your home. For many the loft is filled with untapped potential, essentially waiting for you to use that real estate, that square footage, to create something wonderful for you and the family.

For you to actually use this space, however, the first (and most important) step is to have your loft boarded. Now, […]