How to Recruit Good Employees

Every organisation knows that its biggest asset is its people. Hire the right team, take good care of them, pay them a competitive salary and offer them interesting and rewarding work, and you are more than halfway there when it comes to achieving business success.

This rule applies across most industries, but it is particularly pertinent in the construction sector. The part about taking care of them and offering them a good package is all well and good – the […]

10 Steps To Get Your Best Contractor Ever

Are you dubious about the construction industry? Perhaps you’ve heard of rogue contractors scamming people out of their money… This happens every day, and it can be difficult to know how to ensure you get the best possible experience for your project.

Since we don’t often carry out big construction jobs, there is often no set procedure to follow, leaving us feeling confused, overwhelmed and vulnerable. The perfect position to be in for someone to take advantage.

To avoid this, arm […]

Flooring Ideas For Your New Home

When moving into a new house, it is extremely rare to find the perfect place that matches all your preferences and standards. It is more likely that your home will be great with a few things you would like to change.

One common issue with buying a house is that the flooring is not really up to scratch. It could be old and broken or you might simply want a change of design to match your vision.

For redoing the floors, […]

Do you Have What It Takes to Become a Civil Engineering Consultant?

When thinking about become a civil engineering consultant, it is easy to get lost in the appeal of becoming the engineer with all the solutions to the problems of high net worth clients and one that is highly revered in engineering circles. Of course there is the attraction of the money.  However, becoming a civil engineering consultant is a lot more complicated than the picture painted.

Firstly, apart from the immense experience required to become a civil engineering consultant, you […]

Issues That Can Affect Your Working Relationship With Your Contractor

The working relationship between a business manager or homeowner and a team of contractors is an ongoing challenge that needs careful management to maintain. While respect and communication are two factors that help a project run smoothly, there are often events that will test the relationship. Here are some of these common issues and how they can be overcome.
Scope of work
Performance duties and the scope of work to be undertaken can be a recurring problem during a project. The […]

Are Window Shutters Having A Revival In Modern Homes?

The use of window shutters dates from as far back as Tudor times in England, which means they were a feature during the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VII, Mary I and Elizabeth I (1491–1603). Glass was expensive and hard to find, so windows often had glazing on the top half with solid wooden shutters below. Shutter panels were folded inwards against the walls to let in air and light and secured when closed using an internal wooden bar.

The […]

Construction Tips: When to Use Different Types of Wall Anchors

In construction, an anchor is used to hold up different kinds of wall hangings and other accessories crafted with varying wall substances. The best type of wall anchor to use during construction is dependent on several factors such as weight-load to be hung, the wall material and the installation process.

This piece takes a look at some popular wall anchor options and how they are best used. You can find these anchors in most standard construction stores or getting […]

Positive News as UK’s Construction Industry Enjoys Record-high Growth in April

Contrary to several ominous forecasts at the beginning of the year, and ahead of March’s Brexit plans, Britain’s construction industry fast-tracked to a 4-month high in April. This has confirmed speculative signs that the economy was poised for a little momentum, following its slow start to 2017.
April records strong month for construction
The Markit/CIPS UK Construction Purchasing Manager’s index (PMI) revealed a 0.9 unit rise from 52.2 in march to 53.1 last month. This is contrary to the forecasts of […]

Canada Property Market Forecast 2017

The real estate market in Vancouver and Toronto will continue to experience increasing demand as a result of shortage of supply, while the other regions in Canada will face different unique challenges, according to the PwC market outlook report for this year.

With a combination of factors that promise bright prospects but saddled with peculiar challenges, major property market players including property owners, investors and developers will maintain a cautiously optimistic approach to the industry in Canada, the analyses says.

According […]

Shopfitting Construction & Design For Modern Retail Brands in 2017

In 2017 there are many aspects of shopfitting and design.  In combination with some ground-breaking modern technology, it is easy to use construction software to create the perfect shop layout and overall functionality for your shop.  Unique designs combined with functionality can produce some stunning effects and ensure better conversions.

If the layouts and designs are done perfectly, the end result should shine as well as be pleasing for the customer, offering an enjoyable shopping experience as a result!

“Modern day […]