Types of glass roofs to transform clients’ living spaces

A timeless addition to any property, a glass roof is a means of bathing interiors of all shapes and sizes in natural light, and ingeniously increasing the possible sense of connection to the natural world outside. Further enhancing the appeal of glass roofs, increasingly sophisticated manufacturing methods means no longer compromising on insulation, protection from solar radiation, or security. 

For these reasons — as well as the aesthetic merits of architectural glass and the added value that glazed installations of […]

Poorly maintained rental properties cause health issues for 44% of tenants

Poorly maintained rental properties cause health issues for 44% of tenants

Almost half of UK renters say they’ve been injured or suffered illness due to the condition of their home, according to a nationally-representative study of UK renters conducted on behalf of, a property maintenance company that provides 24-hour electricians in London.

44% of people who are currently renting, or have rented a home in the UK in the past, say the condition of their home has caused them illness […]

Maintaining the Integrity of Perishable Goods with Cold Chain Asset Monitoring

Handling and transporting perishable goods come with a myriad of problems. Due to their delicate nature, these goods have to be transported in temperature-controlled environments, making logistics operations infinitely more complex. Perishable goods are liable to spoil if the conditions in the cargo hold aren’t adequately monitored and controlled, and there’s nothing worse than finding an entire shipment of goods completely unusable upon delivery. With tens to thousands of vehicles transporting different types of temperature-sensitive cargo, transport and logistics […]

How to Split a House into Flats (And Profit)

Start by conducting market research
Many potential landlords regret having skimped on market research, which essential for confirming that there’s an actual demand for the flats you’re planning to supply. To maximise profit, it’s absolutely vital that you ensure that you research the housing market to ensure that flats are needed and wanted in the area. 

Top tip: Leading London agent Portico has a useful rental yield map which landlords can use to check the potential yields they could achieve in […]

Why Community Engagement Is Vital For Contractors

Whether we like it or not, and whether or not we choose to address it, contractors have a direct impact on local communities. From small-scale housing projects to large-scale commercial developments, when contractors and construction firms engage in a project in a public space, they’re entering into a dialogue with the people who live, work, and play there.

This presents more than just a series of ‘hurdles’ that need to be overcome though – this direct relationship with local communities […]

The Importance of using a Harness for Working at Height

39% of fatalities in construction-related activity in the USA are the result of falls that are the number 1 cause of work-related deaths in construction. 

As working in the industrial sector for years, we have heard many companies just ask workers to get a harness out of the box for any kind of work. Stop doing it. Read this simple and comprehensive guide to harness and get the right gear for your hard graft!

Types of Safety Harness

Harnesses are used for various working-at-height functions, […]

Off-Site Construction Methods and The Benefits They Offer

Off-site construction is being heralded as the future – despite the fact that it’s actually been around since Roman time. But much has changed since then. The Romans were prolific builders, often completing their vast builds in under two years – a terrific accomplishment for that period, and only possible due to the huge volume of workers and the methods they used. Since then, pre-construction was most notably used to build London’s Crystal Palace, the pre-fab buildings that were […]

The Basics of Building a Shipping Container Home

Building a home out of a shipping container is a project many have chosen to participate in. Why? Because it’s a whole lot of fun to do. Plus, you get to live inside an amazing living space that you created yourself. There are plenty of reasons why you should consider building a shipping container home and one of them is the cost. Even with a tight budget, you can transform an old container into a desirable living space by […]

Do we need a new fire safety framework for construction?

Building safer structures
It’s 2019, and you’d think we’d be past the point of worrying whether our buildings are about to burn down. Yet that’s the reality for many people after a spate of tragic fires, as well as warnings from unions and fire safety advocates. From schools to tower blocks to historic buildings, it seems that skimping on fire safety is still seen as an opportunity to save costs, rather than a vital means to protect properties and lives.

Particularly […]

Genius Ways to protect your home

People that have experienced a home burglary will all tell you the same thing: they have never felt more unsafe, violated and shook like in the hours after they discover their belongings missing.

Sometimes, it’s not so subtle – while some burglars are “gentle” and don’t want their presence to be found out, some home intruders cause a lot of damage to things they perceive as having no value to them.

Things that may be emotionally priceless might be taken and […]