How Risky is Construction Work and What Should You Do If You Get Hurt?

The construction industry is a risky place to work. There’s no doubting this fact because it’s borne out by the health and safety statistics. It’s a high paying profession for skilled workers but it’s also true that it comes with additional safety concerns for workers. Also, it’s perhaps a greater worry that older construction workers are more at risk than younger ones, but hopefully most of older employees are in management by the 30s or 40s and ostensibly are […]

Pros and Cons of Velux Windows

Velux windows are growing increasingly popular, especially at this time of year, as the trend for interiors become more abstract and natural lighting takes a forefront in home design. However, are Velux windows worth the investment and time, or will they end up becoming the bane of your life?
Maximise natural lighting in your home
With the addition of Velux windows, you enable the space to be filled with as much natural light as possible. Due to the placement of Velux […]

A Guide to Prefabricated Steel Construction Materials

There are two ways of looking at prefabricated steel construction materials; prefabricated steel reinforcing and prefabricated steel structures. The prefabricated steel reinforcing is reinforcing that has already been designed and all the loose and shaped steel have been welded or tied together to form a cage, that can easily be placed before concrete is poured. Prefabricated steel structures are modularised and panelised steel structures used to create bigger structures like commercial and industrial warehouses, sheds and aeroplane hangars.
Why use […]

How to pack 7 of the most awkwardly-shaped items for your house move

As a professional removal company, we have been faced with an enormous variety of items to pack, move and store from one person’s home to another.  Mostly these items box easily or are robust enough to cope with having other items stacked on top of them.  So what do you do when you have awkward, fragile or expensive items to pack?

Here are some of our favourite packing challenges – once you know the tips you’ll be packing like a […]

Do you need scaffolding to paint a house? Answered!

Painting a standard two or three-storey house can be a difficult task if you’re doing it yourself. For many, it can be challenging and also risky job due to working at height. Before you begin painting your house though you need to make a decision on whether you’ll go down the route of using scaffolding or a ladder to paint your house.

When you’re painting the exterior walls of your house, using a scaffolding structure to get the job done […]

What Are The Benefits of a Home Heat Recovery System?

With environmentalism becoming an increasingly prominent issue, many people are now looking for ways that they can reduce their own carbon footprint and, in the process, also reduce the amount of money that they spend on energy and other bills. Adding a home heat recovery system to your home is an ideal way of accomplishing both objectives.

But the benefits of a heat recovery system don’t end there. There are plenty of reasons that adding a heat recovery system to […]

5 Advantages to using a scaffold tower over a ladder

Scaffolding towers have several advantages of ladders for a whole range of jobs that need completing around the house or in the garden. This blog aims to provide a handy group of reasons why a BPS Access Solutions scaffold tower may be more capable and effective than a ladder and provide more safety and a more practical approach to working at height.
Scaffolding towers are considerably safer than ladders as they have a wider surface area and are supported on four […]

The Ultimate Checklist for Maintaining a Safe and Healthy Home

Owning a home comes with a big responsibility.

That’s why to navigate everything smoothly, and it’s essential that you seek out expert advice. It is also advisable to at least have a maintenance checklist.

Having a regular home maintenance schedule is essential for your house’s upkeep and well-being.

According to Maid Sailors Home Cleaning, “Constantly checking your house’s exterior, appliances, plumbing, security, heating, cooling, and electrical systems will help keep your place in good condition. You’re also sure that it’s looking at […]

Top 5 Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing emergencies are quite common. Even if you are mindful of your plumbing, your plumbing can still go wrong at any second. Here are some common emergencies that a plumbing company Haberfield may face.
Toilet Clogs
Many toilet clogs are fixable through a plunger. A plunger is affordable, easy to use, and gets the job done. However, there are some clogs that are just too hard for you to unclog. Examples include something big flushed down the toilet, or […]

Home Security Measures – The Popular Options

It is upsetting to note that despite the advance of technology and society in the 21st century, that crime continues to linger and provide a prosperous career for those that choose to revel in its antics. Perhaps more popular than most crimes is burglary. Seen by petty thieves as a quick and easy ‘win’ and by experienced criminals as a good balance of risk and reward. Did you know:

Most burglaries take place between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m