What to do if Bed Bugs Keep Coming Back?

It’s annoying to have to keep treating your home for bed bugs when they keep coming back, particularly if you’ve followed all the proper guidance.

The truth is, bed bugs can be challenging even for the most thorough extermination. They’re easily transported from place to place, and one female can produce as many as 200 bed bugs. It can take just one room to be taken over, and before you know it, an entire home can be infested!

One reason which […]

7 Construction Projects That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

Undertaking a remodeling or construction project can be a great way to customize your home while increasing your home’s resale value. However, not all “improvements” are made equal—prospective buyers appreciate (and are willing to pay more for) certain renovations. Some particular construction projects may even make your home less attractive to potential buyers, lowering your home’s resale value.

While house exterior improvements typically return higher percentages of renovation costs, some select interior renovations can also produce a high renovation cost […]