DIY Home Extension: 9 Essentials You Need For Home Construction

Building your own home extension gives you total control over the process and the look of the finished project. It is a big undertaking and one that should only be taken on after careful thought and preparation. You will need a solid understanding of construction and the ability to do the work to a high quality.

Building an extension will also take time and hard work, so you will need to ensure you have enough spare time to dedicate to […]

How to Hasten the Process of Buying a New House

When you find a new job in a different location, your priority is to have a new home. You can’t decide to move if you have no place to move into. Hence, you must hasten the process as soon as you finalise the job offer. Here’s how you can speed things up.
Don’t set high standards
You can’t have everything you want when buying a house. Perhaps, the front lawn isn’t as perfect as you would have wanted it to be. […]

6 Signs That Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Replacement

The summer season is just around the corner. So, everyone is worrying whether their air conditioners are ready to work harder than usual during hotter days. It is mainly because no one can afford to have a faulty air conditioner during a scorching day.

Checking the condition of your air conditioning unit from time to time is necessary to avoid future problems. It also guarantees that your AC is working well. But since there is nothing that lasts forever, there […]

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Minimalist Bathroom Design

You’re making the right decision if you wish to have a minimalist design for your bathroom. After all, bathrooms tend to be the messiest space in your house, and limiting the items inside can help. However, you might not know how to do it correctly, which could lead to terrible results. Therefore, when designing your bathroom using a minimalist approach, you should avoid the most common mistakes below. 
You feel overwhelmed by the choices
When you look at the design choices […]

How To Be An Effective Construction Site Manager: Our Top Tips

Being a construction site manager is not the job for everyone. It involves a huge amount of knowledge about everything on the site and the ability to keep it all organised and within budget. If you are thinking that being a construction site manager is the job for you or if you are currently in the role, then here are our top tips on how to be an effective site manager.
Communicate With Your Workers
As with any management role, effective […]

How To Build Your New Home In 7 Easy Steps

If you plan on building your own house, you should be fully prepared for what is to come. The process may take months or even a year to complete. Because of this, you will need to do your research and determine the exact requirements of your dream home. Below you will find a step-by-step guide which will help you navigate this challenging but highly rewarding project.

Explore Funding Options

You will need to think about your finances right from the […]

4 Things to Look Out for When Buying Eco Friendly Flooring

Global warming is becoming a significant problem across the world. With experts warning that the damage could become irreversible, people are now looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

One way to ensure you are doing your part for the environment, is to make sure you are choosing eco-friendly products. A lot of common products have eco-friendly options, including flooring. Here, top UK retailer Stories Flooring, shares 4 things you should look out for when buying eco-friendly flooring.
1. Is […]

Building a Self-Storage Facility – Everything You Need to Know Before Starting

Do you have a place to store your clothes and items, but you don’t know how to start building it? Do you want to build your own self-storage facility but don’t have the time or resources? Or maybe you’re just starting out and don’t know what all the different parts look like? In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know before starting construction on your very own self-storage complex.
General tips for building a self-storage complex
Location is key. […]

Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Dressing Room

Have you just converted a room in your house, or maybe even some attic space, into a walk-in wardrobe or dressing room? If you have the space, you need to make sure that you are managing it just right so you have a room that is functional but a delight to be in. Here are some of the considerations you have to make.
You need to make sure that you have a good environment within the room – especially if […]

A How To Guide For Obtaining Planning Permission

Whether it be for alterations to a home such as an extension, or building a new commercial building for business purposes, you need to get planning permission in the UK when erecting a building of some sort. The process to successfully getting your planning permission application approved can be a difficult and longwinded one.

Suppose you are in this position yourself. Read on to discover all you need to know about getting planning permission, both in the coming months and […]