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Ladder Hire and Tool Rental

Ladders are used in so many different ways. Whether you’re painting, moving furniture, repairing something in your home, or even gardening, you need a ladder. Obviously, there are many benefits for hiring a ladder.

You may not need a ladder regularly, which is why ladder hire is a great option for occasional DIY dabblers.

Ladders can be rented in order to solve all sorts of problems in the house. They can be used to paint walls or ceilings, or to do home repairs. […]

Making Your Home Safer – 4 Electrical Tips to Improve Safety

In the modern world, we are surrounded by electricity. We use it for nearly everything, from making a hot drink when we wake up in the morning to watching TV and relaxing after a long day of work. Despite this, many people remain unaware of some of the potential hazards associated with electricity and reduce the risks associated with improper use. Unfortunately, electrical fires are commonplace in thousands of homes each year, and many of these could have been […]

Everything You Need for an Outdoor Office

Over the last year or so, we’ve all learned the value of working from home. Those with a home office or study had a huge head start when they suddenly found themselves working, or teaching, from home. Others, found themselves rushing around trying to find a quiet and functional space to work in.

Even though many of us have now returned to the office, more people than ever before are still working at home. Some on a flexible part-time basis, […]

The Importance of Workwear in Construction

Employers are responsible for their staff; they have a duty of care, and implementing the correct health and safety practices are a large part of it. Health and safety legislature and regulations cover a multitude of different aspects in the workplace, especially within the construction industry. While there are many different facets to employee safety, one of the ways to ensure this is to make that employees are wearing the correct protective clothing and accessories.

But the question remains, why […]

3 Ways To Speed Up Production In Your Manufacturing Business

Businesses of any kind are constantly looking to improve their processes. For manufacturing companies, these goals often revolve around speeding up production.

Of course, there’s always the concern that rushed practices will lead to silly mistakes, blundering oversights, and overall inferior results. Volume doesn’t always lead to victory, and the best in the industry understand that notion entirely.

Still, the time to strike is now due to the pent-up demand for manufacturing goods that’s ready to be unleashed with lockdown’s easing.. […]

Forklift Trucks Explained: An In-Depth Guide

A forklift truck is a type of vehicle that is used in industrial settings. They have a power-operated platform at the front and are named for the fork-like prongs on the platform. Depending on the model, they can be powered by a few different sources, usually a combustion engine or battery pack. There is a wide range of forklift models that are built and geared towards use in different environments and tasks. That being said, as a general rule, […]

The Biggest Challenges Facing Construction Firms This Summer

We don’t need to tell you that it’s been a challenging eighteen months regardless of what business you work in. The pandemic had a brutal impact on the marketplace and even now, as Great Britain starts to roll back its restrictions on a large scale, we are still seeing signs that it’s not over yet. From furloughs and redundancies to closures and lockdowns, we have all been through so much and it seems somewhat cruel to point out that […]

5 Essential Environmental Considerations for Aluminium Door and Window Suppliers

Architecturally, glass- and aluminium-clad buildings evoke admiration and recognition the world over. Whether a vehicle showroom, bank, hotel, university department, hospital, technological park, opera house, skyscraper, or shopping complex, a façade of shining glass and aluminium delivers an eye-catching profile conveying uniqueness and strength.
Environmental footprint of buildings
Other than the usual design and construction material considerations, it now also pays to think carefully about the environmental footprint of your building project, especially when it may attract considerable attention to its […]

The best tips for renovating a warehouse

The warehouse is a storage facility that accommodates all types of products. When renovating, you may need to follow certain rules and pay attention to safety guidelines.

Warehouses typically need to be designed to handle the following tasks:

– Receiving and checking products.

– Moving pallets to the storage area.

– Handling of goods packed on pallets, in cartons or individually.

– Post-manufacturing: labelling and packaging of goods.

– Loading and unloading of products.

By renovating a warehouse, you could increase productivity by expanding, modernizing and […]

What makes a fire door a fire door? How are they rated and what do the ratings mean?

Although they may both look the same, there is a big difference between a standard door and fire door.

A fire door is an engineered safety device designed to protect property and save lives in a fire.

However, many fire doors are poorly installed, it is only once a fire has broken out that we see the consequences of poor workmanship.

However, most fire doors installed in the UK are manufactured from timber. However, fire doors are manufactured from a range of […]