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How to Design a Fall Rescue Plan

Working at height is inherently risky. If a worker falls from a great height and they are not using appropriate safety equipment, they will probably sustain a serious injury or die. 39.2% of all construction deaths were caused by falls in the year 2017. Many of these deaths could have been avoided if health and safety procedures had been followed. A fall rescue plan is a key element of health and safety in the construction industry.
What is a Fall […]

What are some of the biggest costs faced by tradespeople?

Taking up work as a skilled tradesperson has become an increasingly popular option over the years. observes that, of the UK’s 4.6 million self-employed workers in 2016, 30% were full-time skilled tradespeople. However, if you follow them, you need to account for various expenses.

It’s true that the likes of plumbers, electricians and carpenters can rely on a steady stream of work, as Business Advice attests. However, you also need to watch out for the costs of the following…
Picking […]

Become A Fully-Fledged Builder With A Bricklaying Apprenticeship

There are plenty of reasons to choose to be a builder as your career of choice. You may loathe the idea of spending the entire days cooped up in an office and, therefore, you want a job that gives you the freedom to be outside. You may take the advice of some economists who reckon there will be a lot of opportunities for builders in the near futures. You may also take up building with the view of creating […]

Why Home Heat Recovery Systems are Ideal for Green Homes

Heating is an evolving subject because technology moves on making an old furnace seem obsolete and hugely energy inefficient compared to what’s possible today. It’s really eye-opening when you start considering making your existing home greener both to benefit the environment and possibly to save money along the way too. One of those greener technologies involves heat recovery.

Here are some reasons why heat recovery systems are good for green homes.
Recovers Heat to Avoid Wasted Energy
Without an MVHR system, homes […]

4 Things to Consider When Buying New Furniture

Buying new furniture is a real struggle! We bet, the majority of you reading this would agree without even blinking those eyes. And speaking of this, it is an investment which is just too major to buy just like that. You have to know the “how and why” as well as consider each and every “if or but”. With so many considerations, it is only natural for one to go insane as everything seems cluttered, intimidating and just clear […]

Builders and Renovation Done? Check these Quick and Easy Upgrades to Follow

You don’t have to break the bank to boost both the looks and the functionality of your home right after a hefty renovation, here is how:
Take Care of Cleaning after Handymen and Builders
It always looks great to see a freshly rebuilt interior but that always comes with a pile of dust and sometimes heavier debris. But often, to handle all that by yourself can be a tiresome and even unhealthy exercise.

That’s why the Variety Cleaning expert Martha Barrett […]

Office real estate stays steady in the tough year

Are you looking for an office to rent? Then you would like to know what the rental price of the office space is. Unfortunately, the rents are not as easy to figure out as you might think. This has various causes. For example, there are two different types of rental prices. A price per square meter per year and a price per workplace or an office unit. That usually causes a lot of confusion. The rental prices of offices […]

Finding A Property that’s right for you

Having trouble choosing a property? You are not the only one: choosing your home can be a real headache! It is a well-known fact. The purchase of a property is, without a doubt, the most important transaction in a lifetime. The pressure is great … So, how to minimize the risk of an error? In this article, you will learn some useful information about finding a property that’s right for you.
Do you buy for a few years or for […]

What Does A Post Construction Cleaning Service Entail

After a huge remodeling or renovation project in your home, you’re probably expecting you can get right to enjoying the look of your new home. But, like most homeowners, you are probably forgetting about the intense cleaning of all the construction debris left after the remodeling work is done.

Since post construction cleaning is usually not included in the contractor’s price, homeowners have one of two ways of dealing with this mess. Either hire a cleaning company like Powderpuff Maids […]