Keep Your Home Safe This Holiday Season with the Help of a Locksmith

As the Christmas season approaches, it’s important to think about security for your home. Locksmiths can provide a number of services to help protect your property. They can install new locks, repair existing locks, and provide 24-hour emergency lockout services. 

Locksmiths can also advise you on the best type of locks to use for your home security needs and can provide information on home security systems.


Most Burglaries Happen During the Daytime When People Are Not Home
It’s important to remember that […]

How do I become a certified locksmith?

Locksmiths are always in high demand, but becoming one is not easy. Lock picking and installing locks can be difficult for beginners. There are many pitfalls to avoid on the way to becoming a professional locksmith. One of the most important things to know is that it’s not just about lock picking or installing locks. Locksmiths need to have mechanical knowledge, be knowledgeable about the law, and be skilled communicators.

Following a guide such as this one will set you […]

What Front Door Should I Have Installed On My Front Door From A Security Perspective

The best front door for security is the one which will stop anyone from forcibly entering your property. Unfortunately the days of leaving your door unlocked are long gone. Your front door is the achilles heel of your home and the point in which between 60% and 70% of burglars gain entry to your property. It then becomes evident that if you want peace of mind the best thing to do is to acquire a secure door for yourself, […]

Genius Ways to protect your home

People that have experienced a home burglary will all tell you the same thing: they have never felt more unsafe, violated and shook like in the hours after they discover their belongings missing.

Sometimes, it’s not so subtle – while some burglars are “gentle” and don’t want their presence to be found out, some home intruders cause a lot of damage to things they perceive as having no value to them.

Things that may be emotionally priceless might be taken and […]