Genius Ways to protect your home

Genius Ways to protect your home

People that have experienced a home burglary will all tell you the same thing: they have never felt more unsafe, violated and shook like in the hours after they discover their belongings missing.

Sometimes, it’s not so subtle – while some burglars are “gentle” and don’t want their presence to be found out, some home intruders cause a lot of damage to things they perceive as having no value to them.

Things that may be emotionally priceless might be taken and sold for pocket change on the black market. Possessions and personal belongings that you have worked so hard to be able to have are gone in an instant – it’s very hard not to take it personally and not to lose any faith in mankind after that.

While some people might even opt for counselling, most have a knee-jerk reaction and say “never again”, and look for ways to avoid a situation like this happening again at all costs. Take a look around your home today. How would you feel if a strange, uninvited guest came in and touched, pilfered through all of your personal things?

Fortunately, there are a lot more simple and effective ways to get a home secured than getting a guard dog, a security guard or a Normandy fence around your property.

Read on about how to theft-proof your home easily, and have some peace of mind. And if you are trying to recover from a home burglary – how to regain the peace of mind that has surely been stolen from you.

Install CCTV

This is probably the easiest and most effective one – and will have you feeling safe in no time. Once you install CCTV, you’ll be surprised how you ever lived without it, because it not only watches for burglars but lets you monitor other comings and goings in your home – you can make sure everything is safe and in its place while you’re at work or on a business trip.

If you have teenagers, this might seem especially appealing! After a burglary, a lot of people say that being able to check on their house from anywhere any place at any time. In case of a burglary or home invasion, you will have a recording of the suspects, making it easier to provide evidence.

The UK is a leading market for anything CCTV related – it’s been here since the 1960s!

Smart Home

A smart home isn’t only controlling the music volume with your phone, but involves things like security as well. You can make a smart home system works with an alarm, CCTV or even from your doorbell. You can change the settings – like passwords and detection settings.

If you live in a remote part of town, things like car detection can also be a part of your smart system. This will alert you if there is a car approaching your house. You don’t have to be watching your phone all the time – the system will alert you if there is a car approaching with a text message.

You can also program the lights to go off and on at certain times – a perfect deterrent if your away on holiday. Even if someone has been watching your house, lights going off and on will most likely be enough to make them nervous.

Motion Detecting Lights

This is a simple one, but it works. It’s much harder to rob a well-lit house than a dark one, where the neighbours can’t see anything.


Keeping your landscape trimmed helps a lot. When burglars scope out houses to rob, they look for ones with signs of abandonment or being unkempt. This means that the owner of the property is often away, and the house is left unguarded.

Don’t let your press pile up in front of your door either – if you’re away for longer, arrange for someone to pick up your post. Nothing says “I’m away” more than a full post box!

Social Media

Watch what you post. A lot of people get burglarized because they announce to the world that they’re a continent away on a long holiday. Surprised? Some burglars prey on social media posts – especially if you make them public. If you really need the world to know about your once-in-a-lifetime trip, make it public after you come home!

Let Your Neighbours Know

Having good neighbours is almost like having a good security system. They will notice if anything is out of the ordinary, and let you know – but only if they are informed.

Let them know that you’re going on holiday. Let the nice stay at home parent know that you’re expecting a package. And offer to bake them muffins if they water your lawn when you’re gone.

When someone sees that other people are watching, they’re not even going to try!

Final Thoughts

Better to be safe than sorry – there are so many inexpensive and thoughtful ways you can go about making your house safer.

We don’t often think about nightmare scenarios, but it’s good to be even slightly prepared – and if it’s in our power to ward them off, we shouldn’t wait.

Whether it’s a CCTV system, a motion sensor or the neighbour across the street. You’ll feel safer and less stressed with a few changes in your home security.

You can request security reviews from locksmiths in your area who can fit new locks, CCTV and smart doorbells.




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