4 Window Construction Trends for Commercial Buildings in 2023

4 Window Construction Trends for Commercial Buildings in 2023

Windows are an incredibly important part of commercial buildings, but unfortunately, they often tend to be overlooked. However, they play a crucial role, and as such we see various trends emerge over time designed to increase functionality and practicality.

What kind of construction trends have seen for commercial buildings so far in 2023? We’ve put together a list below – which includes window openers as our top pick – to help you understand what’s popular in commercial window construction today and where these trends could be heading in the future.

Electric Windows

Traditional windows need to be opened manually. This is usually done by hand, or by using a window pole for windows in high, hard-to-access spaces.

However, this approach can be fraught with potential problems. Manually operated windows can get stuck, and operating high-up windows can pose a serious safety risk. In addition, it can be all too easy to forget to close a window, which can leave the interior of a commercial space vulnerable to weather damage or criminal activity.

With electric window openers, windows can be opened or closed remotely with the click of a switch. This can save commercial building owners the trouble of using window poles or step ladders, significantly reducing the risk of injury.


Automation is one of the most exciting topics in the tech world and looks set to change the way we live our lives. Everything can be automated these days, including the windows on commercial buildings.

Electric windows can be programmed to open and close according to a schedule. For example, they could be programmed to open at 9 a.m., or the start of business, and then close again at 5 p.m., or whenever everyone has left a commercial space.

This means that no windows will be inadvertently left open overnight, so the building will be protected against weather damage and will be less of a potential target for burglars and thieves.

 Energy Efficiency

The climate crisis is an incredibly serious situation, and businesses around the world need to be doing their part to combat it.

Windows allow a significant amount of heat to escape and to enter a building, making it difficult to control the climate inside without using artificial heating or cooling systems. To fight the climate emergency, everyone needs to work on cutting their energy consumption, and we’re starting to see window construction trends that reflect this fact.

Energy-efficient windows are designed to prevent air leakage and the transfer of heat. This means that heat will not escape or enter commercial buildings, which means there will be less need to use energy-intensive heating and cooling systems.


We’re also seeing an emerging trend in the use of sustainable materials for windows on commercial buildings. Materials that can be recycled, such as fibreglass, aluminium, or wood, are preferable, as these are far more environmentally friendly, a crucial attribute in today’s world.


Electric windows, automation, energy efficiency, and sustainability are among the biggest trends in commercial building window construction in 2023, and we can expect to see them become more popular as we head into the future.

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