The Customs Clearance Startup Taking the Friction out of Brexit

The UK’s borders are not equipped – both in terms of staff and technology- to handle the increased workload that Brexit will bring about. Trade bodies representing the UK logistics sector are becoming increasingly firm in their warnings, citing potential materials shortages as a consequence. The impact this will have on the construction industry must not be underestimated.

This is why KlearNow, the customs clearance tech startup, has set its sights on post-Brexit UK as it continues its mission to […]

Choosing a trade? These handyman jobs pay the best, and worst

When entering the handyman line of work, it can be tough to choose which trade to focus on. Tasks like painting, roofing and masonry require different skills, and often qualifications as well. So, where to focus your efforts? Two considerations are important to many: job availability and pay. Most prefer a profession where they won’t be struggling for work. Good compensation is highly desirable, as well.

Whether you’re just choosing your trade or re-training for a career change, here’s what […]