Tips for Getting a Construction Job in London

Tips for Getting a Construction Job in London

Over the next five or so years, the construction industry in the UK is expected to add at least 230,000 jobs. This is great news for workers who are in the construction industry or who want to break into the construction industry. The demand for skilled workers is going to skyrocket, but you still need to know how to land one of the construction jobs in London. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Many Entry Points

The nice thing about the construction industry in London is that you don’t always need a degree to get a job. There are numerous ways to break into the construction industry, from apprenticeships to entry level positions, to non-construction positions in construction companies (like accounting, for example). 

One of the best ways to see what is available for your current educational level and skill set is to research construction companies and their job openings. This will allow you to look at the job descriptions and requirements to see if you are qualified to apply for a position. Another, and possibly better way to find construction jobs that match your education and skills is to use a construction job recruiter to match you with jobs that meet your needs and a company’s needs. 

Develop the Skills You Lack

When you’re researching construction jobs in the UK, you will come across skills that are required for a position that you might not currently have. Take the opportunity to develop those skills so that you can land the position you want. There are plenty of skills that aren’t directly related to construction that can help you get a job in construction and can be developed without spending a dime. These skills include:

  • Excellent verbal communication
  • Problem solving
  • Team work (collaboration)
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Using computers
  • Understanding instructions
  • Punctuality
  • Reliability
  • Decision making
  • Attention to detail
  • Eye-hand coordination

By developing these “intangible” skills, you will be putting yourself in a better position to get the type of job you want in construction. Use the Internet to find ways to increase these skills and when you feel like you’ve improved them to the highest degree possible for you, apply to the jobs you’re interested in getting.

Know the Construction Roles Available

When you hear the word “construction,” you probably think of manual labour jobs that require a significant amount of heavy lifting and hard work. While there are many construction jobs that meet that description, there are plenty of other jobs in construction that don’t require the same level of manual labour. The key to getting a job you want in construction is to identify the role that suits you best and strive toward meeting the requirements to get that job.

Whether you’re a person who wants a highly active construction career or someone who prefers an office position, there is an exciting and challenging job in construction waiting for you. In London, there are construction jobs in residential construction, commercial construction, infrastructure, logistics, technology, and more. Plus, there are electrical, plumbing, architectural, and design roles that are all a necessary part of the overall construction industry. 


No matter what type of job you’re looking for, you’re sure to find a role in construction that is perfect for you. Happy job hunting!

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