How to Inject More Colour into Your Home

How to Inject More Colour into Your Home

For many people, a home lacking in colour means a home lacking in personality. Whilst neutral colours are a preferred choice for many, the absence of too much colour can be detrimental to your home’s interior design. Going too far the other way with your neutral colours can leave your décor looking tired and in need of a facelift. That’s why we’ve put together some simple tips for adding more colour into your home. Read on for helpful advice that you can begin to implement today.

Use nature to incorporate colour

Natural elements’ place in interior design should never be understated. Whether it’s an exposed brick wall or an indoor water feature, they help to keep a home airy and inviting. If you’re looking to add colour through nature, one of the simplest ways of doing this is by placing indoor plants around the house. Whether it’s colourful flowers, or just a bit of greenery here and there, they can make a big difference. Not only that, but they’ll improve the air quality in your home as well as looking beautiful. It’s a win-win!

Upcycle old pieces of furniture

We’re all guilty of allowing older pieces of furniture to look past their best. Often a dated piece will still prove to be fully functional, yet we’ll still look to see if there’s something new on the market to replace it. Rather than replacing, why not upcycle? It saves on the budget, and proves the perfect opportunity to add new colours to your décor. Sand down old furniture and re-paint it with a colour you love. If you don’t fancy painting the entire thing, you could try painting a small trim. This will still add a bit of colour, without being too overpowering. Gold-coloured trim is a big trend for 2018.

Lay throw pillows and blankets

Being a trend that’s continued to grow in popularity, throw pillows should definitely be integrated into your home’s décor. They add extra comfort and – you guessed it – colour. A couple of extra pillows on your sofa can completely change its look and feel. Sage is a colour that’s incredibly popular at the moment, and it works great if you’re guilty of favouring neutral grey and cream colours so far. To complement the additional colour from the pillows, large blankets are coming into fashion as more and more homes take inspiration from Scandinavian style. They’re ideal for adding even more colour, yet are able to be moved completely if needed.

Add paint to bored walls

If you’ve got walls that are in need of an uplift, a fresh lick of paint is not to be underestimated. Given, completely painting every wall in a room can be time consuming. Plus, you may not want to add colour to every wall if you’re a fan of the clean and contemporary look a plain wall gives. However, you can always paint just one wall. This adds a splash of colour, without being too overpowering. You can also take more of a risk with the brighter colours this way. Sometimes less is more, and one wall of colour might be all you need.

Change your flooring

This is an option that is best reserved for when you have the budget to make bigger improvements to your home. Nevertheless, it’s definitely one to consider if you’re planning ahead. A brand new carpet can add much-needed colour, not to mention additional warmth. A subtly coloured carpet works really well as a base to the rest of your interior design. If you’d prefer the wood look, caramel or rustic-styled laminate flooring will give you character alongside premium durability that’s perfect for high-traffic areas.

What other tips do you have for adding colour into your home?

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