How to Choose Your Floor

How to Choose Your Floor

Every change in the home can be a lot of fun, choosing a new floor is no different. Active Resin Flooring says “Since there are many different types of floors and specific designs, the decision is never easy. You can always call professional flooring specialists for advice. If you were thinking about changing your floors you probably have some ideas, but flooring specialists will always want to help you.” Here are some of the things you might find useful and help you learn how to choose your floor.

Be flexible

Maybe you like the wood, but the laminate is easier to clean and the vinyl is highly practical. So which one is the best choice? When you see your options you can easily get lost in all those patterns and possibilities. The floors we offer has exceptional design and it will look great in every home. In addition, our floors are easy to clean and maintain so whatever you choose you can’t go wrong. Open your mind and be prepared to accept new ideas.

Think about your budget

The first thing would be to define the room you plan to modify. Then measure that area and decide how much money you are willing to spend. Add some extra on top of that as a contingency. You might want to buy something additional or add accessories such as vapour barrier, acoustic underlay, or mouldings. In addition think whether the new floor can be installed on top of the old one, or you would need to have it removed. This is also something to be included in the budget. Don’t forget to include the cost for transportation.

Choose a subfloor

Most floors can be installed over different surfaces. Here is how you can combine them:

  • Tiles, concrete, marble and stone – wood, laminate and vinyl
  • Wood – wood, laminate and vinyl
  • Short pile carpet – wood, laminate and vinyl
  • Long pile carpet – must be removed for every new floor
  • Embossed vinyl – wood, laminate for vinyl it needs to be covered or removed

Which floor goes in which room?

In theory you can place every floor in any room. However, certain floors look better than others and you should take that into consideration. Here is a short guide for you.

Entrance and halls – Since this is the area where most people will walk with their shoes on and probably get it dirty, the best choice would be to go with something that is hard and easy to clean.

Office – For your office the best choice would be a floor that has good acoustic features, as you need to make sure the room is quiet enough so you can work in peace. In addition, it might be a good idea to go with something very tough, as if you get a lot of visitors you need to make sure the floor won’t get easily damaged. And if you tend to move the furniture a lot, then you might want to consider installing floor with anti-static features.

Kitchen – Kitchens get dirty easily. You drop food, you spill stuff and regardless how careful you are it will always be dirty. That is why you should choose a floor with good stain and traffic resistance that won’t get destroyed by the moisture and the excessive cleaning.

Bathroom – Bathrooms tend to wet all the time so you need to be very careful with your choice. Find something that is water resistant and won’t be slippery, to avoid the possibility of hurting yourself.

Bedroom – The bedroom allows you to play with many different floors. Just remember that despite finding a well-designed floor you will also have to look for one that is comfortable and will keep your feet warm.

Children’s room – For children their room is their kingdom. It is the place where they sleep and play. For their room you will have to choose tough floor, comfortable, easy to clean and one that has acoustic properties.

Living room – The living room is probably the most exploited room in the entire house. This is the place where you will be spending most of your time and doing a lot of different activities. For this room you ought to choose a tough surface that will be easy to maintain so you won’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning up.

Underfloor heating – yes or no?

Underfloor heating is a good way to keep your feet warm and maintain the temperature in the house. If you decide for underfloor heating then you have to make sure to choose a floor that enables you to install this system. You can go with laminate, wood or vinyl as they are all good surfaces for underfloor systems. Be careful not to use the underfloor heating with maple and beech floor as they can crack and create gaps. Before you decide to buy the floor, consult the company that will be taking care of the underfloor heating.

Skill set

Most floors are relatively easy to install and you don’t need to have a special skill set to be able to do that. The wood and laminate floors use locking systems that clip the parts one into another, so you won’t need to use any glue. You can install them very fast and if you decide not to glue them on the subfloor then you can easily remove them in case you don’t like how they look.

If you decide on a vinyl floor you can use the self-adhesive Floor in a box and Starfloor that will enable you to install the floor without any issues.

Wear and tear

If you want your floor to last long time and be always clean, make sure you make the decision based on the type of room, frequency and method of use. To protect the floor you can use surface protection that will make your floor look good and clean in the years to come.


Choose a floor that is environment-friendly, sustainable and produced in line with the highest standards.

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