Why Do Casino Vaults Have To Be Built So Well?

Why Do Casino Vaults Have To Be Built So Well?

Everyone will be familiar with the Ocean’s Eleven movie, whether they prefer the original Rat Pack version or the later George Clooney remake. However, in reality, it is nowhere near as simple to rob a casino due to the level of security in place these days. A number of successful vault robberies over the years has led to a rapid redesign in security vaults, making them tougher to beat than ever before. Here we take a look at the importance of a strong vault and how they are built to be so tough to crack.

Sophisticated Security

All casinos are required, by the UK Gambling Commission, to have a cash reserve in order to pay back every winning chip to every customer. Naturally, that could be a very large sum of money, so casinos can’t afford to take any chances when it comes to the security of their company finances. Therefore a state of the art safe is used with thick walls and floors made from solid steel. Access codes will only ever been given to a small number of employees that are trusted and have passed thorough security checks.
Back in 1982, a robber managed to get into the Cal-Neva Casino vault by drilling a hole in the wall. Vault manufacturers learn from successful breaches of security and make their vaults stronger and tougher to crack. Today it would take a number of days to drill through a vault, making it impossible to do so without getting caught, and even if somebody did get in, they would likely get trapped because of time delay locks. Statistically, criminals have a higher chance of beating a slot machine, and even those odds are very slim.

Physical Currency vs. Digital

Money makes the world go round and is used for global trading on a daily business. One of the biggest hurdles over the years has been in the different currencies between countries. The majority of Europe having one currency between them has made the situation a lot simpler. However with more and more people using online banking and contactless payment cards, it is now a lot easier to make payments between countries all over the world. This means never getting caught short of cash again as you can always use your bank card, providing there are funds in your account. It is also easier to donate to charities with thousands of people donating through Just Giving accounts or standing orders as opposed to putting coins and notes into a bucket. Ladbrokes are helping out St Luke’s Hospice this festive period with their Christmas Elfie campaign.
A downside of digital currency is that people miss the physical feeling of money. That’s also the case of online casinos where players won’t have a stack of chips to play with like they would in a traditional land based venue. Online casinos also won’t need as big a safe as they aren’t dealing with as much physical money.

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