Top Ten Tips for Finding a Builder Who’s Right for You

Top Ten Tips for Finding a Builder Who’s Right for You

Building a property is not an easy thing. It requires knowledge, experience and good team that will support you. What you need is a builder who can do an exceptional job and deliver outstanding results. We always make sure you get the best value for your money and we strive to make sure your home is safe. In order to help you find the right builder for you, we have created a short guide for the things you need to pay attention to.

Here are the top ten tips for finding a builder who’s right for you.

  1. The start – ask your friends or relatives if they have someone to recommend. If they do, and they are happy with the builders work, go for it. When you meet the builder ask about the experience they have in working on similar projects.
  2. Check their connections – as strange as it might sound some companies were accused for false claims of being affiliated or connected to certain bodies or trade associations. Always check the information they give and if you have the slightest doubt that they are dishonest don’t do business with them.
  3. Ask for references – once you get the references check them. Contact the people they have listed in the references and see if they are satisfied with the work the builder did on their project.
  4. Get quotes, shortlist the best – make sure the offers are always given in writing so they won’t be able to change them later. The offers should cover everything starting from site maintenance, material supplies or even clearance. In addition, make sure to ask about the licenses they need and if they need to obtain Building Regulations approval.
  5. No VAT-free contacts – if you don’t make a legitimate contact you will have no chance of showing that you have paid for their services and that might get you into a lot of trouble.
  6. Get everything in writing – the more details you have the better. Include the start and end date, the work that will be carried out, materials to use, cost, working hours, everything you can think off.
  7. Agree the payment schedule – always stick to the agreed plan. Have the payment plan in writing.
  8. No upfront or cash payments – if things go according to planned, you won’t have to pay cash or upfront.
  9. Check the guarantee – never do business with a builder that doesn’t stand behind the quality of the delivered work.
  10. Ask for insurance – this will protect you, the builder and the property in case something bad happens. Always check the insurance and make sure it covers the entire period of the project.

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