Stephen Fry to Join the Building & Construction Industry at Ecobuild 2016

Stephen Fry to Join the Building & Construction Industry at Ecobuild 2016

The Uk’s largest show that works on topics from the construction industry and the energy sector, Ecobuild 2016, has announced Stephen Fry as their special guest star. Stephen Fry to join the building & construction industry at Ecobuild 2016 is a show you mustn’t miss. The writer, actor and campaigner would be one of the many leaders and experts in the construction industry that took part on this show.

The interview will be conducted by Will Gompertz, who is the broadcaster, and it will take place on Wednesday 9 March.

On this show the public will get a unique opportunity to learn more about Fry’s views and get an insight on popular topics he fancies talking about, which will be especially attractive for the Ecobuild audience. In addition, the audience will be given a chance to ask questions in the special section of the show dedicated exclusively to that.

The director of Ecobuild, Martin Hurn, says that the presence of Stephen in the show will represent exactly what Ecobuild is all about – informing the public, keeping them entertained but at the same time making an effort to inspire the industry. He adds that Stephen is the most exciting speaker when it comes to the topic of leadership that has set foot on the show. There is no doubt that the show will grasp people’s attention and offer educational and fun program.

Once the show is over, Fry will host the BD Architect of the Year Awards dinner which will be held at ExCeL that same evening. On the award ceremony, companies from 13 different categories will be rewarded for their constant work, quality results and the contribution they made for the UK construction industry.

For more information on this event, please do not hesitate to contact us through our official webpage.

What is Ecobuild?

Ecobuild is both an exhibition and conference for the entire UK market in the construction industry and energy sector that attracts more than 40,000 experts and professionals from every aspect. The event that will be held in 2016 will be focused on the areas that support growth of the industry and will be centered upon the market priorities, which at this moment refer to the infrastructure, housing, next generation innovation, technology and people.

Ecobuild and UK-GBC in cooperation with Sustainable Stand Awards, will once more give recognition to the achievements of the construction industry, especially in the area of sustainability. In 2014, Ecobuild was able to achieve the ISO20121 Sustainable Event Management accreditation which has not stopped them in their constant effort to reduce the impact that the show has on the environment. In addition, they work hard to increase its influence on the community by working jointly with the industry charity organizations CRASH trying to create places that really care for the well fare of the people. Places that can make a real difference for those who are vulnerable, have no home over their heads, and those who suffer from incurable diseases.

What is Resource?

Resource is another show with somewhat similar concept of the Ecobuild, but it focuses on the efficient use of resources offering appealing solutions for designers, manufacturers, retailers and the recovery communities. The show focuses more on chemicals, automotive industry, electronics, textiles, food and construction. Resource is a great learning tool for businesses that are willing to reduce the waste they produce, be able to reuse and recycle the materials and be able to add value to the things that are currently considered as worthless.

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