12 Essential Skills Every Construction Worker Should Have

12 Essential Skills Every Construction Worker Should Have

Every career requires a specific set of skills. When it comes to construction, this no exception. Construction right to work software helps employers when it comes to hiring new construction worker and although a construction worker needs different skills to an office employee, their training is no less important. The good news is that those skills don’t necessarily have to be innate and can always be cultivated over time. Let’s take a closer look at some of the critical skills every construction worker should have.

1. A Solid Education

Trade or technical schools offer the skills needed to succeed in the construction business. Even for people who have been in the construction field for a while, looking for new construction courses or certifications can help to build and expand a career. Look for programs that offer a flexible or online learning environment, which may make learning easier. For example, there are many construction based education options available for all skill levels which you can view using sites such as findcourses.co.uk. Both new and experienced workers can get farther by taking steps to further their education.

2. Strength and Endurance

This may come as no surprise, but construction is a physically demanding job. it’s not surprising that being strong and having lasting endurance are needed on a job site. If a construction worker can’t finish physical tasks, this may not be the best area for them. A less strong employee may still have other skills or talents that make them a valuable member of the crew. However, make sure to work on having the physical strength needed to make it through the day.

3. Building and Mechanical Knowledge

This is a skill set that can be learned through education, although it’s often learned on a job site as well. If someone doesn’t have the basic mechanical knowledge to work on a job, then they aren’t ready for that job. Look for training programs or apprenticeships that help you to learn the necessary technical skills for a job. This is not something that can be avoided, so learn the skills you need before starting a construction job if possible.

4. Management Skills

Construction doesn’t just mean working hard; it also requires pulling various factors together to finish a job well and on time. Being able to coordinate the work crew, equipment, and supplies is a necessary skill. It’s not as essential when starting out but is going to be essential for a manager or higher position. It’s also something that people look for in a worker. Any construction worker who can help coordinate projects will be sure to have a great career and will be seen as a valuable member of the crew.

5. Maths and Language Literacy

Although no one really needs advanced maths in order to do basic construction, this work does require a fair amount of numerical reasoning skills. Construction workers generally need to know some algebra when calculating the quantities of building materials required. They also should be able to read and write well. Working in construction requires documentation on a daily basis. If the writing doesn’t make any sense, then it could be more difficult to complete work orders or fill out time sheets.

6. Oral Communication

Working in construction doesn’t require an employee to be a great speaker, but it’s important to have effective communication skills. Workers who can ask any questions or voice concerns effectively may find that they are able to work better than those who struggle in this area. Oral communication is important and written communication is a close second. It may be necessary to write emails, send texts or work on other documents to make sure that work goes well on a job. Make sure to build up skills in this area if needed.

7. Technology Skills

Although technology can be frustrating, it’s not going anywhere. In fact, new technologies are becoming more relevant in construction every day. The modern worker needs to be able to learn new apps, devices, and software programs that will make construction easier. Workers who are comfortable learning these programs and take the extra effort to master them will be seen as an asset. Even for older construction workers, taking the time to pick up on these skills should be a priority.

8. Critical Reasoning Skills

On a job site, it’s important to recognise when things are going wrong. This means that construction workers should be able to assess a situation or project and point out any flaws or problems. These skills are also important as they can help prevent work-related accidents. Once a supervisor understands that a worker has this skill set, they will feel more comfortable allowing independent work. Focus on working through any problems that occur to build up this skill.

9. Willingness to Learn

Construction isn’t a static field. It changes constantly, and new methods or technologies emerge on a regular basis. Construction workers who are eager to learn new skills and stay current on the newest methods will have a longer career. Every project is focussed on staying under budget while still meeting time deadlines. Having every person on the construction crew up-to-date on new methods or tools that improve efficiency is a priority. Make sure to continue learning on the job.

10. Good Organization Skills

Taking a few extra minutes of the day to get organised is a strong recommendation. If the crew doesn’t know where the equipment or tools they need are located, they’re going to spend valuable time finding them or maybe even replacing them. This makes the essential skills list since it impacts more areas of your job than you might realise. An organised worker will arrive at the job site on time because he has planned out when he needs to be there. They’re also ready to get going every day because they have what they need readily available. Even people who aren’t extremely organised can develop systems that allow them to keep track of what they need in the workplace.

11. Ability to Delegate

Knowing how to delegate different tasks to specific members of your team can be a challenge for some people. Why? Because being able to delegate means that you are willing to give complete control over an aspect of the job to someone else. It’s all about being to trust someone who isn’t you and letting go, which can be one of the most difficult things to do. But, no matter how hard you try, you can’t do it all on your own and if you’re unable to trust your team members enough or identify their strengths and weakness early, you may struggle once you reach a certain level.

12. Understanding Risk

A careless worker is a danger for anyone around them. Having a clear understanding of risk on a work site or risky behaviour will automatically make you an asset to your team rather than a liability. Employees who don’t take safety and security seriously get found out very quickly and will be forced to change their ways, not only to protect other employees but to protect their employer as well.


Although these 12 skills are essential for construction workers, they should only be your foundation. Always make sure to keep an open mind and keep learning throughout your career if you want to keep bettering yourself and eventually be able to set yourself apart from your co-workers.

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