Tools That Are Making Demolition a Safer Process

Tools That Are Making Demolition a Safer Process

Demolition can be a very dangerous process for people who are not using the correct tools or equipment.

Having a solid understanding of what is needed to complete such tasks effectively and in a safe manner is of paramount importance.

Here are some of the most commonly used tools in the construction industry that are designed to make the process far smoother and ultimately less hazardous.


When you have been handed the dubious prospect of breaking down solid structures, you will need to consider what type of hammer is needed. In the case of concrete platforms like a road, you can use a hydraulic breaker, whereas brick walls can be taken care of with the use of claw hammers.

This industry proven tool is perfect for small-scale jobs as you won’t need to worry about using crowbars during the process. Its primary function is to knock holes into walls when you are attempting to discover any water, gas or power lines.

If you are faced with a tougher assignment, you will need to use the more resilient sledge-hammer. This will ensure you can knock down any supporting beams and interior framing with optimum precision and  minimal effort.

San Angelo Bar

Although the San Angelo Bar  possesses an intimidating look, the tool is actually very useful in making demolition safer and more productive. You can use this to chip away anything that needs to be removed as the demolition process is being completed.

Given its size and weight, the San Angelo Bar is best used for the floor areas within buildings. You will be able to scrape away debris and tiles with ease, making the area you are working within a far more safer and practical environment in which to operate.

Safety Equipment

This is the most crucial piece of equipment when it comes to a safe demolition process.  Knocking down buildings is perhaps the most dangerous within construction, which means adherence to health and safety is vital.

You will need to cover and protect almost every part of your body with the correct pieces of safety equipment. Gloves will be needed to protect your hands, goggles will keep your eyes safe from damage and hard hats will ensure your head is not susceptible to injury from heavy objects.


In many cases, you won’t need to use a hefty sledgehammer to complete a demolition job, but rather with the use of conventional screwdrivers. This is perhaps the best way to implement safety since the small motion needed to use these tools is fairly minimal and shouldn’t cause much structural disruption.

This will give you a precision method of removing wires and any electrical appliances to ensure potentially un-safe commodities are not in the way. You will also be able to remove any wooden flooring with ease and take away any sharp edges left behind.

Making sure you are using the right tools for your demolition job is going to make the entire process far more effective. You need to ascertain what type of work needs to be completed and decide which equipment will help you best.

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