Builders and Renovation Done? Check these Quick and Easy Upgrades to Follow

Builders and Renovation Done? Check these Quick and Easy Upgrades to Follow

You don’t have to break the bank to boost both the looks and the functionality of your home right after a hefty renovation, here is how:

Take Care of Cleaning after Handymen and Builders

It always looks great to see a freshly rebuilt interior but that always comes with a pile of dust and sometimes heavier debris. But often, to handle all that by yourself can be a tiresome and even unhealthy exercise.

That’s why the Variety Cleaning expert Martha Barrett advises the use of specialised services like after builders clean up and junk removal. Professional tradesmen have taken the art of post-renovation to impressing hights. While the average person needs anywhere between 3 and 6 hours to handle a fully-renovated apartment, a team of experts will have it clean and ready under only two.

Choose a Fresh Coat of Paint

As much as this sounds “Doh”, having freshly painted walls can greatly improve the feel and looks of your home. A classy all timer snow white can cultivate the sunlight during the day and the artificial light during darker hours. It can change the entire perspective of a property. In this train of thoughts, you can play around with colour to see how the looks can possibly be revamped. Often painting is considered easy and just like to have fun with a child’s colouring book, but you have to know there are certain pro characteristics when a paint job is done. We highly recommend spending some time to educate yourself on how to coat walls, sand-wash and what kind of brushes are most appropriate depending on your home decoration ideas and plans. A well-done coat of paint will not only enhance the entire aura of your home but will also seal the wall itself from various risks such as mould and bacteria growth. However, if you don’t have the right sander solution to prepare the base for primer, you’ll risk paint falling off in the long term.

Install a Dishwasher to Conserve Water

Every household’s dream- a dishwasher. Often neglected due to not enough space or budget, the dishwasher is mostly considered a privilege. It does not have to be that way, because a good A Energy Star dishwasher can save you more than 500 gallons of water per year, advised Jordan Vellutni from Westline Electrical Services Ltd.

They come in various sizes nowadays and there are these 3-set dishwashers that do not require so much space. Even if you seem not to have space, it is really worth the shot to consider. Imagine now having to spend all these hours per week wash dishes and sooth the rashes it comes with? Not to mention most of the shops can deliver and install it for you. Zero hassle.

Ceiling Fans for Summer (and Winter) Savings

We all have watched movies where slowly moving ceilings fans create a comforting breeze in rooms with bottomed down shirts and short skirts. There is something of legacy about them besides the cool factor and let us tell you – it is actually as effective as cool it is.

It does not take a lot of energy for this fan to start to move the air in the room. The better, it works both in summer, when it creates a feeling of a refreshing draft and in winters, when the warm light air is distributed evenly across the room. All that with low electricity consumption!

At the end of the day, they are relatively cheap and simple, easy to install and quite effective, especially if you have high ceilings. Additionally, they will decorate your apartment or studio in a  cool Mediterranean look without spending a ton of electricity.

And if you already have lights on the ceiling don’t worry- there are ceiling fans with built-in lightning that use the existing wiring, which will save you some trouble.

Fresh Air throughout the Entire Year

After a hefty renovation, the property is going to be full of dust and heavy particles for quite some time. Adding the already polluted air we have, precautions are a must. Some will advise using indoor plants or daily venting routines, but in this insane age of technology, it’s best to use specialised purifiers with washable filters for guaranteed results. It is the only sure way to tackle both allergens and heavy particles floating in the air.

Make Shade and Add Privacy With Interior Shutters

Direct eye-burning sunlight can be very annoying and disturbing at times and at night- the neighbours could be simply watching inside your house like it is a reality show. To keep your privacy but at the same time be flexible to choose how much sunlight you fancy during the day, there are various budget options for you out there.

Internal shades- they are solid, beautiful and stylish, however, they often come at a price. External shades are pretty much the same with the difference you have to figure out how to open and close them from the inside, which may provoke more trouble to install them.

Our personal favourite- window curtains. They can be relatively cheap depending on their purpose, beautiful and cheap enough to afford them.

Another aspect we really like about them is that you can have a large variety to choose from. Literally thousands of different fabrics, colours and all sort of patterns. Not to mention the amount of character they can add to a simple room, it is a real hack!

Consider your controls and switches

Now, for room lighting enthusiasts, as we are, this is a real game changer. Dimmers, separate light switches, corner floor lamps or Thomas Edison like bulbs- the lightning can change the whole feel of the house in the darker hours.

There is something incredibly comforting and cosy about soft lightning that we cannot keep away from. Dimmers are a great asset in this sense and retro bulbs can just add this warm feel to any space. Those kind of bulbs are rather expensive compared to the normal bulbs we usually purchase, but the effect is tremendous. The difference in price is not in the hundreds, so it justifies the difference.

Lay an Eco-Friendly Layer of Insulation

We have all experienced cold feet when thinking of a quick run to the other room without getting in our slippers, let alone to experience the hard freezing floor in the early morning as our feet have been lukewarm and cosy under the duvet.

We crave for cushion-like warm feel when we step on the floor to start our day. We want to start it right and what can be smartly done to enhance this feeling? The answer is – insulation.

Rags and carpets are always the first choices when it comes to floor insulation, but they come with pros and cons. Good rags are often highly priced, although cheaper alternatives can be found. But the one aspect you cannot run away from is the high maintenance. You have to occasionally vacuum them and even take them to dry clean.

Another way to go around the insulation is to add a cork layer or any other ply-wood like flooring with a nice floor mat to create a warm environment between the concrete and the wooden surface. Nowadays, the wholesalers provide DIY products that can be used without professional help at an additional cost. Just add it to the existing flooring, use clippers and click-systems depending on the product and you are good to go! To add up a top rug would ensure that you don’t get cold feet first thing in the morning.

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