A Definitive Guide to Conservatory Roof Replacements

A Definitive Guide to Conservatory Roof Replacements

You can revamp your conservatory by just replacing your roof with little or no trouble at all. Though a “roof replacement” might sound like a herculean task, it is really not. In fact, it is far easier than you might think. By having a roof replacement, you can enjoy your room all through the year. You have more to gain than lose.

In this article, we will cover all you need to know about conservatory roof replacements from Konservatory and how it’s done.

Why conservatory roof replacement is worth it

You might be wondering, is it worth it? Is a roof replacement really worth the hassle? Well, it is. Below, we would cover three main benefits your conservatory would acquire by just a roof replacement.

●     It becomes energy efficient

One of the well-known benefits that come with conservatory roof replacements is its temperature—which arises from the efficacy that a solid tile roof can provide.

With this roof, you don’t just get warmth, but coolness depending on the weather.

●     It lasts long and requires little maintenance

One of the reasons why conservatory roofs are so loved is because they require little maintenance. Nevertheless, like every other thing in life, a little TLC there, here, is needed once in a while and goes a long way in its maintenance.

The secret to keeping your roof at its best is in the detail. A little bit of washing and brushing down of autumn leaves can, by a long shot, improve its durability and ensure its longevity.

Types of conservatory roofs

Here we will deal with the various types of conservatory roofs, their pros and cons.

Polycarbonate conservatory roof

Tersely, this roof is made from polycarbonate sheets with a cellular structure that gives it air gaps between sheets. This roof is known by the name, twin wall. However, polycarbonate roofing sheets now have up to five layers.

How much is the polycarbonate conservatory roof?

The least you can spend on this roof is £2000 which is for the small lean-to conservatory and the highest is £7000 which is for a larger Georgian or Edwardian conservatory.


●     It is strong against all types of weather

This roof type can stand any amount of force and it is literally unbreakable.

●     It has UV blockage

This is another advantage of the panels. This feature makes it most suitable for awnings in commercial buildings.

●     It has a lightweight

Its panels are light, hence, it can be easily transported and installed anytime it is required.


●     It is not scratch resistant.

One of the “but” of this roof is it is not scratch resistant, hence, a heavy storm is sure to cause dents and scratches on it, which would accumulate over time and ruin the roof.

●     Lacks noise cancellation or damping.

This roof allows noise travel through it—which means a heavy rainstorm would be a big disturbance and so will your neighbour children playing ball.

Solid conservatory roof

It would take just a few days to install a solid roof on newly built conservatories or orangeries. This roof, however, is categorised by the thermal insulation it provides.

How much is a solid conservatory roof?

Narrowing down the cost of this type isn’t so straightforward as certain factors can influence its final price. However, it is more costly than the polycarbonate roof, mainly due to its fixing process. It is worthy to note too that the price is also dependent on the number of windows.

The least price you should expect for the small lean-to conservatory is £4000, while for the Victorian one, £12,000.


●     Promoted thermal efficiency

One of the benefits of this roof type is how it helps maintain temperature all year round.

●     Improved acoustics

This roof type has noise cancelling elements, though, it might not completely eliminate it, it reduces it by a great degree.

●     Better aesthetic

This roof type comes in different colours and styles, hence designs that match an existing property can be found.

●     Glare Reduction


●     It is expensive

●     It disallows some nature light

●     It is heavy

 Glass conservatory roof

This is the best roof type to enjoy a cosy summer. With the new technology of self-cleaning, you don’t have to bother about having a dirt-stained roof or bother about the time needed to clean it.

How much is a glass conservatory roof

The price range should be between £2100 to £9000 for the small lean-to conservatory to lantern styled larger one.


  • Energy efficient

The glass conservatory roof is thermally efficient. Hence, it allows heat escape in summer and keeps the inside warm during winter keeping it comfortable and thermal efficient all year round.

  • Soundproof


  • It damages furniture 
  • It doesn’t protect the inside from the sun enough, hence leading to some furniture’s fading 
  • The materials are heavy
  • The installation cost is expensive 


How long does it take to install a conservatory roof?

Installation of all the roofs above range from a day to five days. However, the installation of each of the roofs are unique and are dependent on certain factors like the weight of the material.

The best conservatory roof to pick

All of the roofs match certain purposes, hence it depends on what you are looking for. If you want a serene, quiet conservatory, you know you would want to go for a glass conservatory roof or solid conservatory roof.


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