Crossrail to be called the Elizabeth Line

Crossrail to be called the Elizabeth Line

These days, London is doing some serious construction work. Among other projects, the new Crossrail, east-west railway line, which is due to be completed and officially open in 2018, already has a name. The new line, built under London, will proudly carry the name of Queen Elizabeth, who visited the worksite to see how things develop.

In the presence of several politicians, notable figures and the projects’ executives she was given a tour of the Bond Street station site to see for herself if things are going according to the plan.

During her visit she was given a commemorative Elizabeth roundel and she had the opportunity to meet some of the engineers, construction workers, train drivers and apprentices that take part in this big project.

This is not Queen Elizabeth II first experience on the railway. Back in 1969 she opened the Victoria line service which made her the first reigning monarch who has ever traveled on the London Underground.

Patrick McLoughlin, who is the transport secretary, said that Her Majesty the Queen has always showed interest in the UK transportation and actively participated in improving the conditions, so it is very logical for this line, which will link the entire capital, to be named in her honor. The only solution is the Crossrail to be called the Elizabeth Line.

This is not a first facility named after the Queen, as a park in the east part of London and one bridge at Dartford already proudly carry her name.


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