Your home is the place you and all your family need to feel totally safe.

When an emergency happens, and you lose or misplace your keys, lock yourself out, or simply wish to upgrade your home security system, it comes a time where most of us, unless we are frighteningly organised and efficient, require a locksmith’s help. Much of the time this service is needed as soon as possible – and whether it’s unlocking your car, home, or office – it is important to find the right, local locksmith that has your best interests at heart. Your day can get back to normal as quickly as possible and so that you can once again feel safe.

With the help of KC Locksmiths in Worthing, UK, we’ve come up with some points that can help you decipher the wood from the trees, and find a reputable locksmith online.

Online Reviews – Lack-Of Or Negative

It is completely necessary for any trade in the UK to have an online presence that includes the feedback from clients and customers. If there are none to be found it is likely that the company many not be as reputable as you’d hope.

Suspiciously Generic Company

The telephone number may be duplicated all over the internet in multiple areas

Beware of a generic answering machine or call centre answering without a specific business name or area, for example: “LOCKSMITHS, how may I help?” or “Locksmiths Services” etc.

This points to a number that is being used in various areas and isn’t necessarily a localised service.

Super Cheap

This is a well known ‘Bait ‘n’ Switch’ Tactic – if the price is too low then be rest assured when the job is half-done it will suddenly go up. Bait and Switch ‘companies’ charge exponentially more than reputable local locksmiths of whom their price never seems too low in the first place.

No Logo

While we’re all for independent traders, a locksmith arriving in a plain, unbranded and non-sign written van while wearing non-uniform doesn’t wash if you called a business name via a site with a name and brand.

Same applies with noticing the branding and name of the business you contacted online – if there is online branding that doesn’t match who arrives at your door – do not hesitate to ask for MLA licensing and identification.

Destroy Door

Master Locksmiths will avoid drilling at all costs, and those that do so immediately will be unlocking your purse! If there is any drilling of a door lock the entire lock and handle system will then need replacing.

Cash Only

Alarm bells should be ringing if a UK Locksmiths business is utterly insistent on this payment method. Check over the phone that you will be invoiced if you decide to go ahead with the job.

Local Identity

Always ask around for a recommended Local Locksmiths – the locality and lack of anonymity of tradesmen bode much better for a great master lock change or key cutting service.

For more information about Licenced Locksmiths check out national guidelines here:


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