Why choose an ISVA Surveyor?

Why choose an ISVA Surveyor?

The valuation report

The valuation report can be produced by:

  • in-house staff valuer
  • associated company of valuers
  • corporate organization with whom they cooperate on regular bases

So this is the report that the mortgage lender can obtain, if needed. In addition, apart from the valuation report the organizations can offer to produce Home Buyer Survey Reports or sometimes even Building Surveys, depending on your needs.

Can they be trusted?

The question is, are these really independent reports and surveys? Can they be trusted? It is funny to think that a company who makes profit by lending money can have no interest in the final outcome of the inspection. The lender can present the money or agree with an agency to sell the property and all this to be completely legal.

However, the Independent Surveyor doesn’t work for others or with other which is why that report will be always unbiased and in line with the clients’ needs. The client can based their decision on this report, without any worry.

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