Coffins and traditional construction and design companies – a great partnership

Coffins and traditional construction and design companies – a great partnership

If you run a construction, woodwork, or design company it is highly likely that the thought of coffin making has ever crossed your mind. That is something that is best left to dedicated coffin designers, isn’t it? In fact, this is not the case at all, and more and more construction and design businesses are adding coffin making to their repertoire. So, if you already make kitchen cabinets and tables, why not add coffins to your catalogue next year?

The normalisation of coffin making

One growing trend in recent years has been to cease seeing the coffin as something that is tremendously taboo. Instead, many consumers are keen to think hard about what their coffin will look like. One eco coffin making company has even stated that several of its clients use the coffins that they have bought for their funerals as bookcases, tables or household storage boxes until the time comes to use them as a coffin. In short, coffins are becoming items that are talked about and kept in plain view rather than being hidden away as if they are objects of fear. Thus, adding coffins to your list of products is highly unlikely to scare customers away – in fact, it may well attract them all the more.

A recent success story

One example of a businessperson who has added coffin design to their repertoire with great success is Purlyn Jean-Jacques, who runs the business Sentimental Coffin Interior Design in Letchworth. A skilled designer, Jean-Jacques was inspired by her own mother’s death to begin creating interiors for coffins that are personalised, user friendly, and beautiful to look at.

A crossover of skills

If you are already skilled at working with wood, or at designing furniture, it makes sense to extend those skills to cover all possible markets. So, why not add coffin making to one of the services that your design or manufacturing company offers?

Reliability and affordability

Because funerals can often be a subject that is not talked about until it is too late, one thing that next of kin can be shocked by is the cost of a funeral. Venue hire, hiring an officiant to perform the service, paying legal fees and of course the cost of the coffin itself, can all add up. As such, one important aspect of your business should thus be to reassure next of kin that the coffins you provide will not only be made with love and care – but that they will also be affordable.

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