3 Tips for Keeping Your Wooden House in Good Shape

3 Tips for Keeping Your Wooden House in Good Shape

Wooden houses have become really popular in many parts of the world. Perhaps due to how economical, aesthetically flexible and environmentally friendly they are. But care needs to be taken in ensuring that serve their purpose and do not cost you a lot during repairs or renovation. If you already have a wooden house (or plan on building one), there are certain pros and cons to keep in mind – to enable you take full advantage of the structure in winter or summer.

Some of the advantages are that they save energy during summer due to the natural insulation wood offers. As a natural thermal insulator, wood retains the heat or cold inside the house, further giving it that cosy feel. As compared to bricks or concrete, wood is also cheaper to construct a house with. According to the Head Civil Engineer at Aanesland Fabrikker – experts in wood bending and wood related construction – you tend to save a lot of time and money when building with timber. He further added that it is “environmentally friendly and fossil fuels aren’t used in the production of wooden materials. Therefore, inhabitants of the house won’t worry about air pollution or environmental degradation”.

That being said, there are also disadvantages. Fungi or insects could infest the wood – making it prone to rot. It could get damp and old, then become less pleasing to the eye. This will also affect it’s condition and further lead to a drop in value. During summer, forest fires can also burn down the structure of proper protective measures aren’t taken. There are also possibilities of cracks on the walls, leaking gutters or roof and defects as a result of badly installed parts. These cons are why the following tips for keeping your wooden house in good shape will be shared in this article.

Maintenance Tips

Southern Damp Proofing states “Every construction worker knows that the best way to boost the longevity of a house is by ensuring that the roof, drainage facility and foundation are in good condition. Wooden houses are no exception, and you should know too. During spring, rain water might ass through the faulty parts and make the wood damp. It’s important to always inspect the house weekly and take note of where holes and cracks are. Ensure that the house is properly ventilated to help reduced dampness of the wood and growth of fungi.”

Having a shower waterproofing company come and help is also beneficial. As well as removing any mould you see from the wall and clean up the area. Take note of broken wood and invite a professional to replace them with quality wood immediately. Treat the wood with flame retardant. If you decide to do it yourself, avoid coal tar – as they putrefy the wood and makes it wear out faster. When all maintenance tips have been used to no avail, then it’s probably time to renovate.

Renovation Tips

Prior to commencement of renovation, it’s only important that you find out about the history of the house – if you didn’t build it yourself. From the metal fittings, furnace place, windows, doors and porches to the decorations, shape, tradition of those who lived there and any other relevant information to help you in maintaining the value of the home. “Woods used in building a house is capable of expanding, shrinking and changing the balance of the building”, the head civil engineer said. “this is why we recommend the use of only materials that are in line with what was originally used – or better still, traditional materials. However, if you decide to make use of sealants, fillers and plastics, exercise caution, as they could only become a breeding ground for moulds”, he added.

When working on the walls and foundation, ensure that wood is of the same moisture content as the existing material. This is because wood shrinks while drying, and will further lead to cracks that will be easily noticed – if the materials are different. Do not make the rafters shorter as they will leave the roof prone to adverse effects of precipitation. Endeavour to paint the wood after working on them, in order to maintain their beauty. Also do not change old designs as that might affect the value of the building. With these tips, you can be rest assured that your home will provide you with comfort for what it’s worth.


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