How to Hire Guide: Carpenters

How to Hire Guide: Carpenters

Choosing the right tradesperson is never easy. When it comes to choosing a carpenter things are even trickier. It is usually very difficult to sort the good ones from the bad ones; therefore it takes a lot of effort to find the right one. The best thing would be to ask around and see if some of your friends and relatives have someone to recommend. If they can’t think of someone, then follow our tips and we guarantee you won’t make a mistake.

Finding the perfect carpenter

The best marketing for every company is a happy client. That is exactly what you should be looking for when trying to find a good carpenter. As previously mentioned check with your family, friends, neighbors or colleagues to see if they had a similar project in the past and if they have someone to recommend. You can also check the net and search for some carpentry and joinery companies that have good reviews. Check their website, look at photos from previous projects and try to find something similar to what you need. If you are looking for some specific services make sure they can offer that. What is their specialty; installation of wooden floors, doors, gates or maybe weekend houses? Do they have any qualifications like an NVQ or City & Guilds? What is their experience? How long have they been in this business? Are they members of any professional bodies? Here is a list of some of them:

– Institute of Carpenters (IOC)

– British Woodworking Federation (BWF)

– the Guild of Master Craftsmen

– the Federation of Master Builders (FMB).

Being a member of some of these organizations doesn’t mean that they are good, but it definitely shows that they are professional. None of these things should be a deciding factor on its own but it can play an important role in your final decision for hiring the most suitable candidate.

Getting quotes from carpenters and joiners

Some professionals can give you quotes over the phone, others cannot. This usually depends on the type of work you need. However, it is always better if the carpenter or joiner agrees to come to the property as they can see the scope of the project, take measurements and be more precise about their quotes.

Try to gather quotes from at least three different carpenters or joiners. Even if you think that your project is not big enough, you should never limit your choices. When asking for quotes give them the same details so you can have a chance to compare the offers. Ask for any hidden costs they might have which usually refer to the waste disposal or even car parking charges.

Don’t forget to ask for insurance and check what it covers. In case of any damage to your property you have to make sure that the insurance can cover the cost for repair.

If you are working on a budget, let the carpenter or joiner know about that. If they know their limits they can offer solutions that will be in line with your budget and still be functional. If you don’t understand something, ask. There is nothing wrong in not knowing the difference between a laminate floor and a real wood floor; that is why you have hired a professional in the first place.

Making the final decision – hiring the carpenter / joiner

Before the carpenter or joiner starts work be open about your expectations. Let them know how much you are prepared to spend, what is the payment schedule that is acceptable for you and when do you expect the work to be completed.

Ask the carpenter / joiner to show you proof of insurance and discuss any possible scenario. Ask what will happen if you don’t like the final result. A good carpenter / joiner will always be willing to discuss the outcome and offer suitable solution in case things go bad. If they are not willing to discuss any of these points, run as fast as you can.

Payment schedule

In most cases you will have to pay for the project once it starts. If your project requires procurement of expensive materials, then you shouldn’t be surprised if the carpenter/ joiner asks for upfront payment or a deposit when the project starts. Never agree to pay the full amount at the start, as in case something goes wrong you can delay the payment until the issues are resolved.

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