2015 Winners Announced!

2015 Winners Announced!

Finally the moment that we all have been waiting for! The winners of the Construction Marketing Awards 2015 have been announced and it is time to see who did the best job in the year we left behind.

Some new categories were introduced and in the existing categories the competition was fierce. The Chair of the Judges, Ian Exall, said that this is his last year as a Chair and this was an excellent way to sign off from that role. This was one of the biggest ceremonies organized so far, and there were a lot of companies that took place which made the decisions of the judges even more difficult.

He continues by saying that he is happy that the participants decided to offer better quality and that the construction marketing community is increasing the standards and by that is delivering better results for their employers.

In the previous year there wasn’t a company or an agency that aggressively dominated the market, however there are some that won in more than one nomination. For example:

  • British Gypsum won the award for Best use of Content Marketing and Best use of Research & Insight and High Commendation in Best use of a Website.
  • Certsure won the award for Best Branding & Positioning and Best use of Advertising. The reward was for the first campaign they had after their merger. Sarah King, also a representative from Certsure won the award for Young Marketer of the Year.
  • Deceuninck won the award for Strategic Planning & Management which was presented by CIM Chief Executive Chris Daly.
  • Ridgemount won the Agency of the Year
  • Tangerine won the PR Agency of the Year title

Mike Lomax, who is the incoming chair of CIMCIG, also commented this year’s nominations. He said that it is interesting that there was no company or agency that took over the winners list, probably because many companies have decided to submit their entries, which has increased the competition. He adds that the level of quality has increased so the emphasis is now on the quality. These awards should serve as a boost for companies to invest more in their marketing campaigns and deliver better results as that is how they can achieve success.

Andy Cassie, of CIB will soon retire after 40 years contributing in the development of the construction industry. He was awarded the third Speical Award in CMA history in a category with strong competitors, which is just a clear sign of his investments and outstanding results.

Ian Exall said that Andy has always been very vocal about the role of the construction marketing and its evolution throughout the years, which is why he deserves to be acknowledged for his work and there is no better way for doing that, than giving him this award.


Here is how the full list of winners looks like. The 2015 Winners Announced!

  • Strategic Planning & Management

Winner: Deceuninck (MRA Marketing)

  • Best Product Launch

Winner: S Lucas Limited (Built for Marketing)

  • Best use of Press & Public Relations

Winner: City Legacy Homes – The Athlete’s Village (Perceptive Communicators)

  • Best use of Website

Winner: Hamworthy Heating

Highly Commended: British Gypsum (3seven9)

  • Best Digital Campaign

Winner: voestalpine Metsec (CIB Communications)

  • Best Social Media Campaign

Winner: Bechtel’s ‘Engineering Machine'(Iceni)

  • Best use of Events & Live Marketing

Winner: Parkeray

  • Best use of Direct Marketing

Winner: Reynaers (Wyatt International)

Highly Commended: Shanco Contracts (Construction Marketing Experts)

  • Best Use of Advertising

Winner: Certsure (RBH)

  • Best Branding & Positioning

Winner: Certsure (RBH)

  • Best Professional Services Marketing Campaign

Winner: Indigo Planning (Holistic)

Highly Commended: Bechtel (Iceni)

  • Research and Insight

Winner: British Gypsum (Wyatt International)

Highly Commended: Reynaers

  • Best use of Content Marketing

Winner: British Gypsum (3seven9)

Highly Commended: SIG Design and Technology (Just Practising)

  • Best Low Budget (<£25k) Campaign

Winner: Shanco Contracts (Construction Marketing Experts)

Highly Commended: Hitachi Power Tools (Aria Public Relations)

  • Best Mid-Range Budget (£25k-£50k) Campaign

Winner: Gibbs & Dandy

  • Best Big Budget (£50k+) Campaign

Winner: CCF

  • PR Agency of the Year

Winner: Tangerine

Highly Commended: Ridgemount PR

  • Agency of the Year

Winner: Ridgemount PR

  • Emerging talent “Young Marketer of the Year”

Winner: Sarah King – Certsure LLP

Highly Commended: Rebecca Galyer – Howarth Timber

Highly Commended: Mitch Hyde – Ridgemount Public Relations

  • Marketing Team of the Year

Winner: Polypipe Building Products

  • Special Award

Andy Cassie, CIB

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