Major Electrical Training Awards Relaunched

Major Electrical Training Awards Relaunched

The ECA Edmundson Electrical Awards, one of the awards with longest history when it comes to the electrical and electronic industries, has gone through a makeover. The awards have been completely reconstructed to be in line with the movements and new trends on the market and to comply with the new generation of motivated and tech-savvy electricians and engineers. The award has been relaunched with its new design and concept.

These awards have been running for more than four decades, starting in 1975, and have helped many successful professionals to be acknowledged for the work they do, for their dedication, quality and exceptional performance during their years of work.

The nominees for this prestigious award will have many opportunities and will compete for very valuable prizes.

  • The national winners will get a trip overseas in value of few thousand pounds
  • The national and regional winners will get thousands of pounds in cash
  • The national winners will get exquisite art toolkits as recognition for their work
  • All regional winners and the runner-ups will be given Certificate of commendation
  • The national winners will be given formal recognition for their role in the industry
  • The companies who have employed the winners will have many promotional opportunities

The list of the 11 regional winners will be officially announced at the end of June, followed by an additional national judging process in the summer. The national winners will be officially announced in September on a specially organized event where most industry leaders and all short listed candidates will be invited to attend.

The managing director of Edmundson Electrical, Gordon Love, said that over the years his company has been responsible for training hundreds apprentices willing to work in this industry, and they constantly encourage  and support their staff to invest in the development of their skills. With the ECA Edmundson Electrical Awards they try to give acknowledgement to those people that have the potential to be the ambassadors for this industry and to encourage companies to offer apprenticeships opportunities, by pointing out the benefits of this practice.

As most industries, the electro-technical industry is facing new challenges and it needs to be ready to keep up with the fast pace. The constant development of the traditional methods and the new technologies that are being introduced (for example data communications, renewables, and fire and security) inspire the industry to evolve. The industry is becoming more appealing for the younger generation and now the only thing that is left is to make them aware of the opportunities they have. There are many career paths for them to choose from, which is why it is important that all ECA Members take part in this award show.

Steve Bratt, who is the ECA Chief Executive, said that ECA is pleased to have been able to join forces with Edmundson Electrical and award those who deserve to be praised. The industry offers a lot of potential for the young people and the competition is fierce. However, some might not be familiar with certain aspects of this industry which is why it is important to inform the public for the career opportunities people are offered. With the ECA Edmundson Electrical Awards young and successful professionals receive acknowledgment for the work they do, which encourages companies to continue investing in their workforce and supporting the development of their skills.

The emphasis is always on the importance of apprentice training and it is good that many larger contractors from the electro-technical industry are willing to participate. But this is not the only thing the electro-technical industry is looking to achieve. This industry is unique when it comes to the number of investments that both small and micro businesses are making for training of individuals that are willing to improve their skills. This is the message that the industry is trying to send to the government in the attempt to encourage more companies to take part in this program.

Those who will be awarded this year will have to be good ambassadors and speak in the name of the entire electro-technical industry that companies need to help the workforce advance, as they can harvest the fruit of their effort in a very short time. They should show the world that the building engineering services offer excellent job opportunities and are a great way for people to build their successful career.

Mike O’Donovan of T Clarke won last year’s prestigious award and was able to see the benefits in just a few months as he was managing some electrical engineering projects in Wales.

The 2014 Adult Trainee of the Year, who happens to be a former soldier, Gareth Morris of Ayjay Group, became in charge of few high-profile projects one of them being a major reinstallation of the electrical equipment in a supermarket in Carlisle.

If you believe that this might be your dream job, maybe it is time to join the industry. Entering the rewards is fairly easy and it only takes a few seconds to register. All you need to do is visit the official web site and complete the online form. Then some of the ECA representatives will contact you to inform you on your next steps. Please note that the last date for entering the ECA Edmundson Electrical Awards is 15th of April, Friday, so make sure to submit your application within the given period. Good luck!

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