8 Questions to Ask Your Potential Engineering Consultant

8 Questions to Ask Your Potential Engineering Consultant

For someone who has never dealt with an engineering consultant before, hiring one can seem like a pretty simple thing. However, in reality things are quite different. If you don’t have any previous experience in hiring a consulting company before, then you have to make sure you ask the right questions before you get yourself into trouble. There are many questions you can ask, two of them being the most important ones: Can they get the work done and is it okay for you to work with them? If you answer these two questions positively, then you can focus on the things you need to ask the actual contractor.

  1. Do you have previous experience working on similar projects?

Regardless what some might think, for important project the consulting company needs to have previous experience. If they do, then you can get an idea of the quality of service they offer and whether they are capable of delivering the expected results. You can’t expect them to have worked on the exact same project, as no project can be identical to another, but still it will be better if you know that they have come across a similar thing in the past and they are prepared for the challenges ahead.

  1. What is your team like? What kind of degrees and certificates they have and how many years have they been working for you?

If a company is investing in the employees and holds on to them for a long time, that is always a good indicator that things are working well. Always check to see if the company has the type of person you need for your project.

  1. Who are some of the clients you have worked before?

Never be afraid to ask for recommendation from previous clients. If the company is doing a good job then they will have no issues in providing proof of their work. In addition, if they can connect you with some of their current clients that can be even better as you can get a more recent feedback on their services.

  1. What is your response time and how to you communicate with your clients when they have any questions?

If you have a need of an engineering consultant, then it means you have a lot of questions and you need someone who will be willing to answer them. That is why it is good to ask in advance what is their method of communication and how you can reach them. Tell them what your expectations are and see if they can meet your requirements. If they don’t give weekly updates on the workflow, and that is exactly what you expect from them to do, then agree that well in advance.

  1. Are they flexible?

Projects change. Sometimes you will need to modify the initial plan so you have to know how your consultant will respond to this request. See if they are flexible and willing to accommodate the requested changes.

  1. What kind of technology do you use? Do you have good software tools?

In most cases, for the engineering project to be completed successfully you need a company that is using proper technology. Knowing this, most engineering consultants have the software tools, the hardware your project needs and they can help you solve your problem fast and easy.

  1. How do you inform your clients on your findings?

You have hired the consultant to help you with things you are not familiar with. That is why it is important to make sure you are on the same page with them when it comes to the method they use to share their findings and keep you up to date for the developments of your project.

  1. What do you have to offer me that others can’t?

If they tell you why there are so special it might help you decide if they are a good fit for you. You have to be comfortable to use their services if you want the project to be successful.

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