Should I replace my sash windows?

Should I replace my sash windows?

I live in a house with draughty wooden frame sash windows, should I replace them?

This is something many people ask us. Why? Because there are a lot of homes in the UK that have these types of windows and people are trying to find a way to get the most out of them and make them energy efficient.

  • What is a better option to draught proof them or do a complete restoration?
  • Is it better to switch to standard double-glazing?
  • What are your options when it comes to sash double-glazing?

In this post we will analyze every solution and hopefully help you make up your mind about what you need to do. We will start from the most simple and most affordable option of all.

Draught proofing your sash windows

If your old windows are not in such bad condition, it might be enough just to draught proof them. This can be easily done by any professional who is able to refurbish windows, or you can ask a separate service. These services are covered with the Green Deal so there is nothing to worry about. This solution will help you save money and you will immediately see the difference. The problem with the sash windows is that they are more prone to draught than any other window, so once you draught proof them it will be like putting completely new windows. In fact, the repairmen will only create a tight seal around the windows and prevent the draught flow.

With this small change you can save up to £50 per year, so this is not an option you should dismiss. To get a professional to draught proof all windows in your home can cost you from £200-400 depending on the number of windows and the service you choose. If you are in for some do-it-yourself option, then it will end up costing you half of that price, but you will need to put some effort into it.

Putting curtains or blinds

When it comes to curtains we often thinK they are for decorations only, but that is not true. The curtains can help you keep the heat inside and reduce its loss. If you already have curtains, one of your options would be to install thermal curtain lining on the side close to the window so they can provide better isolation. If you don’t have any curtains maybe now it would be a good time to buy some, as they can be pretty efficient.

The curtains and the railings are fairly easy to install so you can do that by yourself. That is the good part. The bad part is that they sometimes block the view and the light, especially if they are thicker, so not everyone likes them.

Installing Secondary Glazing to your Sash Windows

For this solution you have two options to choose from – using temporary secondary glazing or trying the fixed permanent one.

Let’s start with the fixed one. The fixed glazing, as the name itself implies, can’t be removed from the window frame. Probably you won’t even want to remove it as it will give your home a complete makeover and make it look stylish. The permanent glazing is covered with the Green Deal.

The secondary option or the temporary glazing is usually made of plastic, and has magnets that help you attach the glazing on the window from the inside. This is something you can do on your own and it won’t cost you a lot of money. A good option would be to try the Ecoease.

The permanent secondary glazing will cost you around £300 for each window separately, whereas the new double glazed slash would be a bit over £1,300, again per window. The temporary secondary glazing will cost you less, or around £110 per square meter.

Refurbishing your old Sash Windows

Every sash window needs to be refurbished on regular bases, meaning once in every ten years. Over time both the frame and the glass can become very loose, which is excellent opportunity for the draught to attack. In addition, if the frame is made of food, and it usually is, the wood might rot causing additional problems.

For refurbishing the windows you would need to pay around £200 each, which is again a lot less than buying new windows. This option is not covered with the Green Deal , but you will save a lot of money and energy.

Double Glazing Sash Windows

This is the most expensive option to protect your home from draught. The thing is that by replacing your current windows with new Double Glazing Sash Windows you won’t save as much as the companies claim you would. Sure they are energy efficient, but they are just as good as your old but refurbished windows. The only difference would be in the design and the fresh look these new windows will give to your home. If you do have the money for it, then you might as well choose this option just because of the better appearance.

Today the market offers the uPVC sash windows that will cost you a third of the price for same, but wooden windows. They don’t require so much maintenance and come with long guarantee. However they tend to have a shorter life span and can decrease the value of your house in case you decide to sell it.

Are you entitled to subsidy for replacement of your sash windows?

You can’t get any money for new windows but you can get something if you go through the Green Deal program. You might be able to get £20 per square meter, but not more than £650. However, many people can’t really take advantage of this as the money they get can’t do much in comparison with the price of the actual job.

You can check with your local council and see if they are willing to help.

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