What Does A Post Construction Cleaning Service Entail

What Does A Post Construction Cleaning Service Entail

After a huge remodeling or renovation project in your home, you’re probably expecting you can get right to enjoying the look of your new home. But, like most homeowners, you are probably forgetting about the intense cleaning of all the construction debris left after the remodeling work is done.

Since post construction cleaning is usually not included in the contractor’s price, homeowners have one of two ways of dealing with this mess. Either hire a cleaning company like Powderpuff Maids or go the old DIY road.

Either way, you have to know exactly what you are dealing with, how long post construction cleaning takes and what it entails. In this article, we spoke to the seasoned Atlanta maids service to give you a clearer picture of the entire process.

Deal With The Debris

Every construction or renovation process will likely leave a lot of debris in its wake. This debris can be either a result of the construction process or leftovers from the tools the contractor uses. Therefore, after the remodeling work is done you need to check your home through and through to find any remaining bolts, screws, nails as well as larger items like discarded plastic, tape strips and used rags.  A good construction company will try to leave as less trash as possible, but you still need to be prepared to take some of the trash out.

Detail The Floors

Another important aspect of post-construction cleaning is inspecting and cleaning the floors. Hopefully, no permanent damage has been done to the flooring. Even so, you will need to put some effort into making the floors presentable again, as they are the most likely to take a heavy toll from all the dust, debris and heavy traffic that comes after a remodel.

Clean The Carpeting

Still sticking to the floor, the next thing you need to do is to clean your carpets. As they tend to catch a lot of the tiny specks of dust and construction materials in their fibers, you will need to employ a vacuum cleaner and follow up with a deep steam cleaning.

Dust The Hard Surfaces

Next, start by wiping the dust off the walls, furniture and other hard surfaces. The preferred method is dry dusting, as you are less likely to damage any of the surfaces in the process. Cabinets are also likely to catch the dust after it settles, so make sure to wipe both the exteriors as well as the shelves.

Replace HVAC Filters and Clean The Air Vents

The dust that rises from a home remodeling process tends to end up in the air, and through it finds its way to your air conditioner and the vents. That is why you need to thoroughly clean the air vents and replace the filters. Otherwise, your HVAC system will perpetuate the dust and other construction remains whenever you use it.

Don’t Forget The Details

The level of detail you pay to a cleaning job is what separates a professional from an amateur. If you want to really spruce up your home and make the remodeling project shine, pay attention to the fine details such as doorknobs, window frames and light fixtures. Use a microfiber cloth to detail all of those areas and bring back their shine.

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