8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Investing in a Beach Side Property

8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Investing in a Beach Side Property

When it comes to living by the water the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. For one thing, it is almost a foregone conclusion that people enjoy being at the beach. Ask a group of people of different backgrounds, ages, and levels of education about their favorite vacation destination and the majority would tell you it’s somewhere near the beach. With so much demand for beach side property, this should be an indication that there are great advantages to investing in a beach side property. Here are some of the pros and cons.

Healthy Fresh Air

Once you leave the polluted city air behind and reach the beach the first thing you notice is the clean fresh air. Open your arms and fill up your lungs with the iodine-rich air. Living by the beach promotes good health and improves brain functions. And if you’re wondering what all that oxygen does to your body, well it gives you a boost of energy and keeps you looking healthy and glowing.

Vacation All Year Round

Investing in a beach side property not only makes it cheaper to pack your bags and take a vacation any time you want, but it also makes it more convenient to plan your vacation all year round. In the end you might be tempted to move in permanently and spend the rest of your life by the beach. In that case, your life will be one long and exciting vacation at no extra expense.

Amazing Activities

We all know what it means to have the sea so near to your house. All the exciting activities that people travel hundreds of miles and pay thousands of dollars to do are right there waiting for you any time you like. Deep sea fishing is the first thing that comes to mind. Or you can go parasailing, kayaking, airboat riding or just lying on the beach and getting a natural tan that will make city folks jealous. In short, you’ll have a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exposure to light and fresh air to make your life much more enjoyable.

Inner Peace

It is often said that a walk on the beach will just about solve any problem you have. Sitting by the sea and looking at the horizon brings your racing thoughts to a screeching halt. Inhale the fresh air and let a calmness wash over you. You won’t have to invest in white noise when the sea is whooshing by your window. And you can open your windows. There’s no noise or pollution from cars and traffic. The salty air will air your place and chase away smells or germs and leave your household clean and fresh.

High Maintenance

On the negative side, some of the advantages of living by the beach can have undesirable effects on the property. The salty air means you’ll be spending a lot of time maintaining the house. Salt can strip the pain and even affect the foundations of the building. Even the furniture will need replacing regularly. So taking all that into account helps you get a realistic view of life by the beach side.

The Weather

If you’ve been following the news you no doubt have heard about hurricanes which hit coastal areas. This is just one risk you have to take. There are no guarantees that a hurricane will not hit your beautiful beach side home. In fact many of the residents take it for granted that they might have to rebuild their home over and over. The side effect of that is high insurance rates on properties near the beach.

Fluctuating Market Value

Like everything else market-related, the value of your beach side property might go up and down for no apparent reason. Or the reason might be out of your hands. Such as the aforementioned hurricanes, or a big development project near your area which limit the value and appeal of your property. So it is wise to research your chosen location in advance and make sure such adverse effects won’t diminish the value of the place.

Friendly Community

Back on the plus side living by the beach means you’ll be part of a small community living together in harmony. You’ll know your neighbors and everybody looks after the welfare of the closely-knit community. Beats living in a city where you hardly know the person living next door.

Investing in a beach side property comes with its risks and rewards. Researching your preferred location will make the rewards outweigh the risks.

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