6 Reasons Post-Construction Cleaning is More Challenging than Regular Cleaning

6 Reasons Post-Construction Cleaning is More Challenging than Regular Cleaning

You could argue that cleaning a house is a job that’s never really finished. You put a lot of time and effort to get your house to a state you feel comfortable with, but after several days, you have to do it all over again. Even when you feel that everything is pristine, there are always spots you’ve missed.

Now imagine how post-construction cleaning can look like when you have to turn a place from a desolate post-war looking rubble into a warm and welcoming home, ready for a new family. Maid This was kind enough to share their experiences directly from the battlefield of post-construction cleaning and here’s why it’s more challenging than your regular cleaning.

Perfect execution

Post-construction cleaning is the final clamp between the customer and the contractor. Both parties expect the building to be in perfect condition and ready to move in. Your job is to be that guy who is supposed to clean all the mess when the dust settles and the hardest part is that you have to execute it perfectly, there is no room for second chances or delays. Deadlines have to be met. So basically, if anything goes wrong, you were the last guy at the crime scene and the blame very easily falls on you.

Schedule flexibility

Tenant is the customer in this relationship and all good companies know that the customer is always right. The cleaning company needs to adjust their schedule to customer’s needs. This makes things even harder because sometimes you are expected to perform magic tricks in very small time frames.

Leaving the comfort zone of cleaning

Post-construction cleaning requires way more knowledge, experience and will to compromise in order to deal with issues that go way above your routine cleaning jobs. There are paint stains, rubble, glue, dust, etc. You have to use more people, tools and approach things differently in order to finish it on time, which can negatively affect the quality of the performance.

You have to be prepared for anything

We all know what mess is left behind after construction is finished. It’s not just a regular home cleaning that remains to be done, there are always some nasty stains on walls, windows, floors, and what-not from various substances you might or might not be familiar with. Before you venture further into post-construction cleaning process, you need to learn how construction roughly works, what materials and chemicals are used, and most importantly, how each and every one of these issues needs to be dealt with.

You are not done until everyone else is done

It is safe to say that post-construction cleaning is an ongoing process because you might be called upon again if someone else made a mess doing their part after you’ve left. Even if you did everything absolutely perfectly, you will be called to return if somebody spilled a can of paint all over the floor while doing their part.

You never know what to expect

You should always bear in mind that you are entering an empty building that needs to be adapted for living. You don’t know for how long it has been vacant and what you might find there so you have to be prepared. You might encounter critters, stray animals, squatters even yet your job is just to clean the place, but no one will hold your hand through the process, there are so many elements that go above the pay grade, but in reality, it is up to you to deal with all that on your own.

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