How to Choose a Painter or Decorator

How to Choose a Painter or Decorator

Well decorated room gives special energy, relaxes people and helps them feel better from the moment they walk in. However, sometimes combining the right colors can be impossible and people need professional help to create their perfect room where they can enjoy.

Do you need painter or decorator?

Let us help! Here are a few tips how to choose a painter or decorator!

  1. Before you start, analyze your project. The best thing would be to make a list where you will write down everything you want to do. You can include the rooms you plan on painting or the specific areas in your home. Next to it, write down the things you will need to prepare for this project. This list can come in handy when you hire a professional painter as they can easily give you an estimate of the cost allowing you to modify your budget well in advance.
  2. Never underestimate the workload. It is perfectly fine to ask for professional help if you feel that the project might be too much for you to handle. We would be happy to offer our services for a very affordable price and help you get that burden off your shoulders. We will help you turn your vision into reality and offer several solutions that might be suitable for your space. We will make custom made designs that will be in line with your budget and will respond to your needs.
  3. If you still decide that you want to take matters in your own hands and do most of the job on your own but leave the paining to a professional, then we can also help. You can use our online service to search for professionals in your area only by entering your postcode. We have made a selection of the best painters to help you save time and get the best value for your money.
  4. Another option would be to choose someone you have previously worked with. If this is your first time working on this type of project, then ask around. Maybe your friends, relatives or colleagues can recommend someone who has worked for them in the past. These are people you trust, so you can expect them to be honest and suggest someone who knows what they are doing.
  5. Always ask questions. You have to know if they will be moving the furniture or you need to do that on your own. If there is no need or possibility to move the furniture then check if they plan to cover it up and who should provide the covers. Who will be responsible for cleaning up after the work is done? Do they offer any guarantee for the work they do? Does the company have any insurance for the people working on site? Is it possible to get reference from previous clients to confirm the quality of work they did in the past? Do they have any proposal for the working schedule?
  6. Try not to go with the first painter you come across. Even if the first one is really good, it is better to keep your options open. The best practice is to contact at least three painters from different companies and see what they have to offer. Ask them if they can come to your home and see what you plan on doing in person. This will enable them to estimate the workload, the cost and maybe suggest some modifications to make your project even better. In addition, by coming to your home they can check which materials they need and get a better idea for the scope of the project. In this way you can avoid any unpleasant surprises at the beginning of the project and you won’t have to stretch your budget. Once you hear the opinion and get offers from all painters you can make your decision.
  7. Whatever happens always trust your instincts as they might prevent you from making a big mistake. We never get a second chance to make the first impression so the person who knows that, will make sure to win you over from the start. The right professional painter would be neat in their appearance which can be a good sign that they are neat in the work they do. They need to be punctual and never miss an appointment with you, regardless of their reasons. Once you become their client, your needs should come first. The painter you choose should be willing to interact with you and be willing to answer all your questions. They should advise you on your decisions and help you enhance your ideas. They should have passion for the work they do and be excited to deliver the result you expect.

Hopefully these seven steps can help you find the perfect help for your project. Do your homework and don’t rush things. Define the scope of your project, analyze each offer and choose whatever works best for you. It might take a while to make the right decision but at least you will know that your home will look exactly as you have envisioned.

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