5 ways to recognize a reliable painting and decorating contractor

5 ways to recognize a reliable painting and decorating contractor

Renovation of interiors or exteriors is something you do every few years or even decades. It’s natural that you want the project to be carried out in the most efficient and diligent way. Thus, it’s crucial to choose a reliable painter and decorator. We’ve prepared a list of ways in which you can identify a contractor that is worth your trust!

If you don’t have any recommendations, choosing a painting and decorating company can be a hard nut to crack. How should you know which ones’ work meets all the standards? Well, it may be challenging to judge at first glance. However, there are some indicators that will tell you where you stand. Here’s how you can verify the reliability of your potential contractor!

#1 Check their portfolio

The rule is simple: the richer it is, the more chances there are, the company is worth your trust. If it’s not on the market for long, but the portfolio already seems impressive, it’s even better! That’s a clear indicator that they know their trade.

Note that you shouldn’t be the one that tries to get access to it. The company proud of its own realizations will be glad to share it with you. It will most likely have the portfolio on its website, too.

#2 Check their specialization

The commercial painting doesn’t differ that much from the residential one. However, there are some variations that may influence the overall effect if the contractor is not experienced in the particular field. That’s why it’s worth making sure that a painting and decorating company has a similar project in its portfolio before launching the cooperation.

#3 Ask for a quotation with an estimated budget

A good company can estimate the final cost of the project. Of course, the budget is usually not definite – it may shrink or enlarge depending on many factors. However, it is important to have this kind of reference point.

#4 Expect an expertise

And if the company skips this part of the preparation, better rethink your decision! Without expertise, it’s almost impossible to prepare an accurate quote, particularly if your real estate is not the newest. Otherwise, it may turn out in the middle of the process that you’ll need twice as much of time and more expensive materials because the state of your walls is worse than was expected.

#5 Verify their competences

Check out if the company provides insurance to all their workers and if they’re allowed to work on heights. In the UK, it’s worth searching for painters and decorators that have the Safe Contractor accreditation.

Article prepared in cooperation with Ignas Limited – painting and decorating contractors London.



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