Advice on Choosing a Contractor

Advice on Choosing a Contractor

Like with any other contractor, when you choose your roofing contractor you have to be very careful who you are going to choose and always make sure to check them well before you engage in any business. If the contractor you hire has good reputation, provides high quality service that is affordable, then the possibility for any potential problems is decreased.

How to Choose a Contractor

Here is some advice on choosing a contractor to avoid making the mistakes most people make.

  • Always keep your options open. Choose at least three potential contractors. Find references from your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues.
  • Ask them about the type of materials they suggest you use for you project.
  • Take quotes for each potential contractor. Never go with the cheapest option just because of the price. Compare the quality of the service they offer and follow your instincts. If you are not sure about your choice then contact the local NFRC Regional Manager.
  • See if they offer any guarantee for the work they do. You might want to know that NFRC offers independent guarantee so look into that option as well. Confirm that the contractor has guarantee for the work they do and that it covers the scope of your project.
  • Put things in writing. Everything that is agreed upfront should be put in writing to avoid miscommunication in later stages of the project.
  • Be prepared for the changes in price that might appear once the contractor removes the covering and see what they are actually dealing with.
  • Before you start work agree on the payment plan. Try to avoid any upfront payments, and if you can’t avoid them make sure you know what you are paying for, as most likely you won’t be able to get the money back. Never accept contracts where you have to pay in cash, as it might end up costing you triple. You can never prove that you have paid for the services.
  • Contractors are not willing to give free advices. Don’t take this the wrong way. If they see that you have intentions on working with them, then they might be willing to help you.
  • You are the one that needs to take care of all permission for the work that should be carried out on your property. Don’t forget that!
  • Check the rules and regulations when it comes to carrying out refurbishment work in your area. More than 50% of this type of work requires you to hire a CompetentRoofer or to contact your Local Authority Building Control before you start work. You need this because you have to confirm that the roof needs refurbishment in order to be in line with the thermal requirements.

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