5 tips for construction site security

5 tips for construction site security

Construction sites face all kinds of security risks and dangers, from theft and trespassing to vandalism and even unwanted spying.

In fact, a huge 92% of site managers have reported petty crime in recent years, according to a survey by the Chartered Institute of Building. And the total cost of vandalism and theft is estimated to cost the UK construction industry upwards of £800 million every year.

So, site security is clearly worth taking seriously. But what can you do to make your site less of a target, and keep intruders out? Here are just a few of the measures you can take to increase construction site security:

1.       Install surveillance equipment

If you don’t have security staff on duty all the time, the next best thing is a decent CCTV camera system.

2.       Keep the lights on

This not only acts as a deterrent to criminals who strike under the cover of darkness, but it could also fool them into thinking workers are still on site. An occupied site is far less likely to be targeted than a dark, deserted one.

3.       Secure valuable equipment in shipping containers

A shipping container could be a hugely valuable asset on-site. If you’re worried about equipment theft, you can simply lock everything away out of sight in your shipping container. They’re tough, built to withstand the elements and nearly impossible to break into. Plus, you can also use yours for tea breaks, storing staff belongings and sheltering from sudden downpours.

4.       Manage visitor access carefully

A secure site is one where access is tightly controlled. You need to be able to quickly identify unauthorised personnel and know exactly who is supposed to be on site at any given time. You can do this through sign in/out sheets, entrance monitoring and brightly coloured visitor badges or hard hat stickers. Plus, make sure visitors are supervised at all times.

5.       Secure the perimeter

Your site is only as secure as its perimeter fence or hoarding. You should do regular checks to make sure it’s intact and in good condition throughout, and implement foolproof procedures for locking up at the end of the day. It’s easy to let things slide, but just one lapse could cost you thousands.

How to combat other construction site risks

These and other security measures can help to prevent theft, trespassing and vandalism on construction sites. But there are other dangers you may not have considered.

If spy equipment can be discreetly embedded in the building structure before it’s completed, this could potentially offer the intruder (or whoever they work for) almost unlimited access once the new occupants move in.

It’s a worrying thought, but it can be prevented. All it takes is tighter access control measures on-site, and a quick sweep of an RF bug detector at the end of each major stage of construction.

Another of these is unauthorised personnel on-site, who may target high value corporate buildings with covert surveillance equipment. This is admittedly a rare occurrence, but it can happen – particularly when a celebrity home or high-level political building is under construction.

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