4 Things to Look Out for When Buying Eco Friendly Flooring

4 Things to Look Out for When Buying Eco Friendly Flooring

Global warming is becoming a significant problem across the world. With experts warning that the damage could become irreversible, people are now looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

One way to ensure you are doing your part for the environment, is to make sure you are choosing eco-friendly products. A lot of common products have eco-friendly options, including flooring. Here, top UK retailer Stories Flooring, shares 4 things you should look out for when buying eco-friendly flooring.

1. Is it sustainably sourced?

Wood is a renewable material, making solid and engineered wood floors a great eco-friendly choice. However, not all manufacturers produce products from sustainable sources.

You can find out whether the floor you are considering has been sustainably sourced by researching the manufacturer. For example, leading flooring brand Kahrs, clearly highlights its environmentally friendly practices on its website. By selecting brands that focus on sustainability, you can ensure you are doing your part for the environment.

2. Choose FSC certified wood

Another tip when you’re buying a wood floor, is to choose one that is FSC certified. FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council. The body certifies forests throughout the globe, ensuring they meet strict social and environmental standards.

Floors that are FSC certified have been taken from sustainable forests and made with environmentally friendly processes.

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3. Is it recyclable?

Whichever type of floor you are looking into, check whether it is recyclable. This could mean that the floor has been made with recycled materials, or it can be recycled at the end of its lifespan.

Both options are great for the environment. They cut back the amount of new materials required, saving on production emissions. Retailers will typically tell you which floors have been recycled in their product descriptions.

4. How is it installed?

If you want to lower your carbon footprint when purchasing a new floor, the installation process is something else to consider. If you need to use adhesives for example, this can increase emissions released during installation. For this reason, click or tongue and groove installation systems tend to be the more environmentally friendly choice.

These are the 4 main things to focus on when you’re looking for eco-friendly flooring. Stories Flooring is one retailer making eco-friendly floors a priority. The company is actively working alongside leading brands to offer the most sustainable floors on the market.


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