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Canada Property Market Forecast 2017

The real estate market in Vancouver and Toronto will continue to experience increasing demand as a result of shortage of supply, while the other regions in Canada will face different unique challenges, according to the PwC market outlook report for this year.

With a combination of factors that promise bright prospects but saddled with peculiar challenges, major property market players including property owners, investors and developers will maintain a cautiously optimistic approach to the industry in Canada, the analyses says.

According […]

Shopfitting Construction & Design For Modern Retail Brands in 2017

In 2017 there are many aspects of shopfitting and design.  In combination with some ground-breaking modern technology, it is easy to use construction software to create the perfect shop layout and overall functionality for your shop.  Unique designs combined with functionality can produce some stunning effects and ensure better conversions.

If the layouts and designs are done perfectly, the end result should shine as well as be pleasing for the customer, offering an enjoyable shopping experience as a result!

“Modern day […]

4 Tips For Choosing The Right Electrical Contractor

Hiring an electrical contractor is an important task that has to be done right if you want satisfactory electrical work to be carried out by a competent team. Depending on the nature of the project at hand, whether you are looking to carry out repair work or it is a new project for your home or business, you need to ensure that you are engaging the services of the right contractor for the job.

For your residential or commercial building, […]

How you can use digital designing to craft better joinery?

If you’re new to joinery, joinery is a centuries old technique which is used to connect pieces of wood together in order to make items.

It’s a term you’ve probably heard used before if you’re from the UK or the US; the main trade union for carpenters in the US is still called the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America even to this day.

Despite being a traditional profession, joinery can still learn from the technology of the modern […]

The Off Road Parking Conundrum

Off road parking is always at a premium, especially as the number of cars per household continues to rise.

The problem of where to park your car when at home is a frustration for many. Driveways never seem big enough and cars appear to be getting larger. The age old “can you move your car please?” rings out across the nation as cars are shuffled around the drive.

A block paved front garden was the default position a few years ago, […]


Your home is the place you and all your family need to feel totally safe.

When an emergency happens, and you lose or misplace your keys, lock yourself out, or simply wish to upgrade your home security system, it comes a time where most of us, unless we are frighteningly organised and efficient, require a locksmith’s help. Much of the time this service is needed as soon as possible – and whether it’s unlocking your home, office or car – […]

6 Ways To Turn Your Living Environment Into The Perfect Personal Space

Whether you’re moving into a brand new space or just want to renovate the look to your existing property, there are many fun and easy ways to dramatically change the way you think about your space and how you interact with it. No matter what style of home of have – a small apartment, mansion, or old townhouse – these simple tips can massively enhance your comfort and enjoyment of your entire living area.
Throws, Rugs, Curtains Oh My!
Throws, rugs, […]

Coffins and traditional construction and design companies – a great partnership

If you run a construction, woodwork, or design company it is highly likely that the thought of coffin making has ever crossed your mind. That is something that is best left to dedicated coffin designers, isn’t it? In fact, this is not the case at all, and more and more construction and design businesses are adding coffin making to their repertoire. So, if you already make kitchen cabinets and tables, why not add coffins to your catalogue next year?
The […]

Designing your home décor like a professional: The 3 things you need to know

Designing your home is a very personal thing. Making a room into a place where you enjoy spending time and which reflects your personality, as well as allowing you to express yourself, can take some time. However, armed with the tips in this post you will be an unstoppable design force to be reckoned with, ready to take your home renovations in the right direction from the word go.

So, speed up your design decisions, and understand the only three […]

DIY painting jobs in your home or office: 4 steps you must follow according to the experts

Unfortunately, painting a wall doesn’t last forever. If you have kids, it might not even last five minutes.

But often it’s worth putting on a new coat in order to keep your home or business looking fresh and inviting.

However, if you want to get the slick look quick, painting isn’t as simple as just choosing a colour and picking up a paint brush. Painting like a professional comes down to 4 simple steps – and you can master them.

Below are […]