What are the Best Marketing Strategies for a Construction Company?

What are the Best Marketing Strategies for a Construction Company?

Every industry sector has different needs, when it comes to marketing campaigns. That includes the housing sector, which is very special. Of course, it requires a huge budget to keep the company running afloat, to bring in new contracts.

Because the success of a business depends on its marketing and because it is more important today than ever before to make use of the best strategies, here are a few ideas about how a construction company – large or small – can grow and thrive.

Present Your Clients Something to remember

There are many ways to communicate your presence on the market. But of all these ways to make yourself visible, one is really striking and special: the promotional items. They can make your company’s name known and appreciated, they can be the salt and pepper of your business.

Most of the time, it is simply impossible to be present anytime, everywhere. Therefore a well-chosen promotional item, which inspires trust and reliability, can save the situation. You can hand out your personalized items at a fair or event, or just send them to your business partners or clients.

Even though almost every item can be turned into a promotional item, the key is to select one that can represent you the best. Those items should be useful and popular and can reflect the personality or sector of your business.

Which item is the best?

Should every promotional item have your logo on it? Or would it be much better to personalize it for the client? The second option might relate into a stronger link between your company and your client.

As mentioned before, many promo products can bring you benefits:

  • Pens and writing instruments
  • Bags
  • Mugs or wine glasses
  • Tools and equipment
  • Sweets and Biscuits
  • Holidays specific items


A good promotional item for a construction company is an insulated mug. Whether your client drinks coffee, tea, water, or anything else during the day, if the mug you give him is a high-quality one, you can be assured that he is going to use it with pleasure. If the mug has the logo of your company on it, you surely can make a massive impact and be present for others as well.


Easy-to-find Phone Number

Those days, not all branches need or want to present their phone number as much as they used to. A huge part of communication is done via email and other electronic ways of communication. However, that cannot be easily applied within the construction sector. A phone number brings you faster and closer to your clients. It also saves your and your client’s time and energy. What is the best way to make sure they find it quickly? Simply include it into your company’s details and information.

Make Yourself Visible Online

Local Google Search

The fact that potential clients prefer the telephone to contact construction companies does not mean that they do not use the internet at all. Therefore, you need to advertise on local Google Search. When potential clients search for a construction company your company’s name pops-up automatically. An advantage of this is obvious: Your contact information, address, and opening hours all in one place.

Social Media

Social media marketing is as important as an own website, print advertisement and local ads. You can choose between different platforms, but not all of them are necessarily useful to your business.

  • Facebook is the most popular social media website. Many people use Facebook pages to find information and figure out something about a company. You can write about the projects you have already completed, include pictures to provide potential clients with an idea about the kind of work you do. Tell them personal stuff about your team, etc.
  • You can also try Twitter. It is famous for the short messages and of cause the #hashtags. You can include them also on other social media channels, but twitter is the one who made them so popular.
  • Instagram can be used to provide your clients with some insights of daily events so that they feel closer to you. Simply post a nice picture of a cake or the office dog once in a while and your clients will feel more connected.
  • LinkedIn should never be the last place. This social network is aimed towards professionals. You can invite other to (digital) events, share blog posts or news, pictures or just say some nice things.

Online Directories

You must be visible so that others can find you. The more appearances of your company’s name on the internet, the better. One of the easiest ways to give your company the desired visibility is by communicating your data to online directories. These listings can be general (for all industries) or specialized in the construction area. Keep in mind that many people visit these types of websites.


Enter into Partnerships

The synergy that is built through joining hands with another company is always a great way to grow rapidly. If you find the right partner, both will quickly benefit from this alliance. You need to look for one that provides a complimentary service or product to yours. Every time a new client comes through your door or theirs, they will be referred to the other one. It is easy to build such relationships, and once you have done so you can keep building it by adding new partners.

Create “how to” videos

This could also be an effective way to attract clients. Many people try to get things done by themselves and search for help on the internet. By giving tricks and tips on how to repair things, you make yourself known to people who are interested in doing home renovations, for example. Who knows? They may end up calling you to do the work, realizing that it is just too complicated for them.

Send a Newsletter

If you want people to remember you in the future, you need to let them know that you exist. By creating a newsletter with all your past and current clients, presenting your services and work, you will be able to create new opportunities, simply by reminding people that your company is still open for business.


These are just a few ideas about how you can promote your business and how you can present the best of it. Whether you use the online or the offline channels, the marketing world is full of surprises and options you can use.

Remember: the success of your company depends on your choices and strategies. Nothing is impossible.

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