Survey: How Do You Choose Your Electrical Wholesaler?

Survey: How Do You Choose Your Electrical Wholesaler?

Every electrician needs wholesaler that will supply them with the necessities. The problem is that today there are so many wholesalers that is really difficult to find the right one. In radius of one kilometer you can probably find at least 5 wholesalers, and all have pretty much the same offer. So How Do You Choose Your Electrical Wholesaler?

We have made a short survey about the key factors that help electricians make up their mind when choosing their wholesaler, so you might find them helpful if you are working in this industry.

The brand matters

Most electricians will choose the brand they are familiar with, simply because they have good experience with that particular manufacturer and they know that the products they offer are of good quality. If a company was able to make a brand of their name, it must mean that they are doing a good job.

Once the customer is satisfied with the product, next time they need to buy something they would go with the same company as they already have gained trust. In addition, they know what to expect, how to use and install the product, which will save them a lot of time and money. The problem is that most wholesalers offer very similar brands, if not the same, so that won’t help you much in making the right choice.

Price range

Price is always an important aspect for every electrician. Some wholesalers are willing to bargain, however this practice is not always well received by the electricians, especially those who are new in the business. Most of them prefer the fixed prices, as they can always plan their budget well in advance. There are many electricians who like to keep their options open; therefore they have accounts at more than one wholesaler. Electricians are aware that most wholesalers offer the same products but some of them have very competitive prices and it would be a pity not to take advantage of that, even if it refers to only one product

Experienced staff

Even though price is one of the most important factors when choosing wholesaler, electricians take other things in consideration too. They always like to buy from a wholesaler that has experienced staff members who know their products and can help with the choice. Sometimes electricians are not sure what they need and they ask for guidance. If the wholesaler can give them that, then they have scored big time.

The problem with this is that usually the smaller companies are the ones that have well trained and experienced staff members but they don’t always have many products on stock. In addition, as they are small businesses with limited budget, they can’t offer very competitive prices in comparison with the big companies on the market.

Delivery and easy access

When electricians need to buy some basic supplies like Twin & Earth and KO boxes or other similar accessories they like to have flexibility. They like the option of being able to pre-order the items they need and be able to collect them without wasting any time. Most electrical wholesalers have good reputations when it comes to delivering more complex materials and they often have many materials on stock which enables them to deliver things very quickly. These things can’t really be found in the DIY stores so electricians are not left with much choice.

Recognizing the need for flexibility, many wholesalers are starting to expand their ordering and delivering features to make them more convenient for the growing number of customers. Most companies have created on-line stores where the electricians can pre-order the items they need, and then either pick them up from one of the shops, or have them delivered to their front door. With this option electricians save a lot of time as they don’t have to go in the shop and look for the thing they need, and they don’t need to stay in line to purchase them.

Some wholesalers even offer the option for delivery on site, even if the order includes very small items. Electricians find this service very useful as they can order bulky items and have them delivered on site without having to worry how to transport them safely. In addition, they like the ability to also be able to order some small items that they have forgot to buy and have them delivered, rather than having to go to the shop and again waste precious time. Even though this service seems simple, it makes work easier for the electricians and they know how to appreciate that. That is why they will always go back to the wholesaler that offers them creative ways to save time.

Available products

Wholesalers should always be ready to respond to the demand of the electricians. Not having the products on stock, delaying the delivery time or sending wrong products, are things that the electricians will hardly forget.

That is why those wholesalers who have a lot of available products, deliver on time and never make mistakes are more likely to gain the trust of the electricians and create a base of returning clients.

Every aspect is important. The wholesaler must be able to provide good service, have the products on stock, offer competitive price and good quality.

Is it wise to use more than one wholesaler?

Every electrician is looking for something different from their wholesaler. Very often it is difficult for them to get everything they need only from one seller so they like to be able to mix and match. Even if the wholesaler is not able to get 100% loyalty from one customer, they will get repetitive customers that will use their services when needed.

Some electricians have accounts at two, three or maybe more wholesalers, and they can get the best of each of them. Sometimes the price matters, sometimes the knowledge of the staff, for them it is important have range of options to choose from, as every task requires different thing.

Look at our survey

In conclusion we can say that a good wholesaler needs to have good location, many items on stock, experienced staff members, to offer delivery options, have affordable prices and sell proven brands.

Please give us two minutes of your time and check our survey which refers to the topic we have just covered. It would be a great feedback for us and it will help us understand what people look for in their perfect wholesaler. Thank you.

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