Survey: How Do You Choose Your Electrical Wholesaler?

Survey: How Do You Choose Your Electrical Wholesaler?

Electricians need different necessities in order to complete the job successfully. Luckily for them the market of suppliers is pretty huge so they have a lot to choose from. The only problem is that sometimes it can be difficult to find the right supplier. Here are a few things that might help in the decision.

  1. Choose the right brand

Very often when electricians choose the item they need they usually go with a brand they already know. The reason is because they probably had good experience in the past from using those products and they want to play safe. The truth is that if a company was able to stay long enough on the market to create recognizable brand, it often means that they offer quality.

The idea is to attract the customer the first time. If they are happy with the product then the work is done. They will always come back for more, as they already trust the company that sold them the first item. They already know what to expect and are familiar with the features of the product. They can save a lot of time and money which often makes a big difference for their projects. Unfortunately, nowadays almost all wholesalers have similar offer, so choosing the brand you like won’t help you decide on the wholesaler.

  1. Prices

The price of the product is always important, especially if the electrician needs more items at the same time. Some wholesalers have the habit to bargain, a practice which is often not received well by the electricians. Most electricians want to work with fixed prices simply because they can plan their expenses. This is one of the main reasons why a great number of electricians decide to open accounts with different wholesalers and look for the one that offers the best price. It is not unusual for one wholesaler to be offering a certain product for a lot less, and this is something that every electrician is willing to take advantage of.

  1. The staff members

When choosing a wholesaler, price is an important factor but it doesn’t always mean that it will be the deciding factor. Sometimes electricians need advice on the items they want to purchase so they look for a wholesaler that has knowledgeable staff. Having experienced employees who know how to sell a product can be a great advantage and a real magnet for potential customers. In addition, if the electrician is not sure what they need, the experienced staff member will know how to sell them things they were not planning to buy in the first place.

The only downside of this is that usually those that can offer personalized service are small companies that don’t have very competitive prices. The big companies hold the market and they can lower the price enough so the electrician will have no other choice but to buy from them.

  1. Delivery of goods and fast access to necessities

Electricians don’t want to waste time in the shop looking for items they needs, only to wait long hours in front of the cash register or to realize that the items they need are out of stock. What they like is to have the option of ordering the items in advance and then just collect them once they are ready. Understanding the benefit of offering this service, most wholesalers have a lot of items on stock that can be preordered and even delivered to the electrician’s home, office or working site.

To be able to respond to the demand, many wholesalers are investing in the delivery service and look for ways to become even more appealing for their customers. By providing services that save time and money for the electricians, they are becoming primary option when it comes to buying supplies.

Probably the most popular option is the onsite delivery which offers great flexibility. With this option the electrician can order the items they need and ask to have them delivered to a certain location. The best part is that the onsite delivery doesn’t cover only the bulky items. It also covers some small necessities that can be crucial for the work of the electrician, but they are a real hassle so the electrician is not willing to go and pick them up.

These small tricks give advantage to some wholesalers over others and they are very appreciated by the electricians. Every option that makes the work easier for the electricians is well received and has a potential of attracting new customers.

  1. Items on stock

Every wholesaler needs to be well stocked and have many items available upon request. If the wholesaler is not able to provide the items immediately, tries to delay the delivery date or sends wrong orders to the electricians, the customers will most likely lose interest and never use their services again.

Those wholesalers that have many items on stock make sure to deliver them on time and try hard not to make any mistakes with their deliveries will probably become leaders on the market and gain the trust of the customers. With that they will be able to create a data base of happy clients who will always be willing to come back and purchase new items.

  1. Should you have more than one wholesaler?

There is nothing wrong in keeping your options open. Every wholesaler has different offer, and every electrician has different needs. Most electricians decide to work with more than one wholesaler because they can choose which items to buy from where and that gives them flexibility. Even though electricians like to buy from different places, if the wholesaler is good and provides quality services, the customers will keep coming back.

Some electricians like to have accounts in two or three wholesalers as each of them offers something new. One wholesaler may have low prices, other might have knowledgeable staff. Any way you look at it, every wholesaler has something unique to offer.

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It takes a lot of effort to be a good wholesaler. A good wholesaler must be on the right location, have many available products, a team of knowledgeable people, door to door delivery, or onsite even better, have affordable prices and sell well known brands.

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