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Sash Window specialist in Bedfordshire, UK

Contact Name:Teresa Gray

Phone Number:0800 061 4053
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Designed by Sash Windows Bedfordshire to replicate traditional windows, uPVC sliding sashes provide a traditional looking sash window combined with the numerous benefits of uPVC and free from the issues sash windows can have. Sash Windows Bedfordshire use fittings and materials which subtley replicate the finish and style of traditional sash windows. Sash Windows Bedfordshire uPVC windows are an excellent choice for the modern home because they are enduring, secure, easy to clean and maintain and won’t be at risk of rusting or fading.

The traditional problems that can make sash windows undesirable like difficult use and draughtiness are not a problem with the use of Sash Windows Bedfordshire UPVC which makes them ideal for older properties. Sash Windows Bedfordshire UPVC windows offer the best of both worlds because,Not only do as being a cost effective choice for your proper, they retain the style of timber sashes with modern benefits. Your UPVC windows don’t need to be consulted white, Sash Windows Bedfordshire have numerous finishes avaiable for you to choose from from a selection of colours to wood effect photographic styles.

Though traditional windows can be poor at retaining heat and keeping out noise, Sash Windows Bedfordshire UPVC sash windows will combat this and be more energy efficient Not only do. Sash Windows Bedfordshire can recreate the style and design of the exisiting windows in your property because of the large range of finishes and acceswith that in mindries to chose from for our UPVC collection. Installing Sash Windows Bedfordshire UPVC vertical sliding sash windows into your property will keep it looking traditional and elegant.

Period properties can have issues, but with Sash Windows Bedfordshire UPVC installed you will have found a long lasting and cost effective with that in mindlution for your sash windows. If you want window frames that require no maintenance or updating even after years of use and that have great insulation, durability and strength, then drop us a call now at Sash Windows Bedfordshire on 0800 345 1940. You’ll be making a good long term investment for your property by selecting Sash Windows Bedfordshire uPVC sash windows for your proper as they are weather durable and look great for years to come.

Sash Windows Bedfordshire have an extensive range of UPVC sash windows to chose from with that in mind that you can still be true to the style of your property. Old wooden frames on sash windows made upgrading them very difficult becasue of the additional weight which increased even more with double glazing and with that in mind Sash Windows Bedfordshire uPVC became a popular alternative. Sash Windows Bedfordshire use various means of insulating your windows at each stage of manufacture to make sure effective thermal retention and avoid draughts and rattles.