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Sash Window specialist in Atherton, Greater Manchester

Contact Name:Gregory Bryant

Phone Number:0800 061 4053
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Sash Windows Atherton UPVC sash windows aim to replicate the aesthetic qualities of traditional sash windows, whilst overcoming many of the shortcomings-especially daily maintenance and coloring, and power inefficiency Sash Windows Atherton have a large range of accestaking that into accountries & colours for our UPVC products, which allow us to meticulously replicate your current units. Sash Windows Atherton uPVC sash windows can endureall weathers and are able to hold their shape over time taking that into account make a good long term investment for the home.

Sash Windows Atherton UPVC sash windows are designed to preserve the historic charm of your property whilst overcoming typical problems, such as withstanding draught, being stuck, and being shaken, making them ideal for period homes. As well as being a more cost effective option, Sash Windows Atherton uPVC means having windows installed that keep the original style of a timber sash, but have the low-maintenance benefits of modern uPVC. Maintain a traditional look for your household with Sash Windows Atherton elegant uPVC vertical sliding sash windows.

Sash Windows Atherton window frames have been designed in order to ensure optimum strength, clearly distinct thermal properties and excellent weathering performance whilst maintaining their pristine condition year after year with the minimum of maintenance. Sash Windows Atherton range of UPVC windows still have the elements of design and available available to make them feel pertaking that into accountnal to your home and in accordance to your own pertaking that into accountnal preferances. Classic-style hardware and fittings from Sash Windows Atherton replicate the traditional timber sash window to attain an incredible finish.

Though most commonly seen in white, Sash Windows Atherton UPVC comes in a wide range of colours and finishes, including a photo-effect wood finish. Sash Windows Atherton uPVC sash windows are aimed at providing a long term, cost effective taking that into accountlutionfor seataking that into accountn style goods. The extra weight of double glazed units made updating sash windows difficult, heavy wooden frames coupled with the double glazing meant that Sash Windows Atherton uPVC versions of sash windows have become famous.

For a modern look that’s built to last and virtually maintenance free, Sash Windows Atherton uPVC windows blend safety and warmth with an easy clean surface that won’t, flake, rust or fade. Unlike Sash Windows Atherton UPVC windows, conventional wood sash windows can be energy inefficient, and don’t reduce noise. The other advantage of uPVC is the thermal insulation it provides- Sash Windows Atherton use simple yet effective insulation techniques that eradicate the draughts and rattles astaking that into accountciated with wooden windows.