How to Become a Better Architect?

How to Become a Better Architect?

Architecture is one of the most complex and interesting disciplines. It is timeless and interrelated with other disciplines like science and math. It plays a significant role in understanding the world’s history and gives us a glimpse of the lifestyle of people in ancient times. To be an influential architect, you need to study the different aspects of society where architecture is involved. New trends are emerging almost every day, so you have to keep up with all the latest addition in the growing field of architecture.

Learning has no limits. The more knowledgeable and updated you are, the more effective you are as an architect. However, being an architect can be challenging and daunting. Here are some tips that can guide you to becoming a better architect:

 Identify your motivation

Like in any other job, you have to search for what motivates you and hold on to it to not burn out of passion. After all, it’s important to stay inspired while doing your job. So assess yourself, are you motivated by money? By fame? By prestige? What are your dreams and aspirations? Extrinsic motivations like money and fame can fuel your passion initially, but they are not enough to keep you moving. So to become a more effective architect, focus on your contributions to society. Your clients entrust you with their dream homes, businesses, etc., so pour your heart into every project you handle and be driven by the passion for making the world a better place.

Read and educate yourself

Some architects feel they already know everything they need to know about architecture. This mentality will prevent you from growing and improving. Instead, you should keep reading and educating yourself about the different aspects of architecture. Browsing through history books, autobiographies, magazines, blogs, environmental issues, politics, and even fiction is an efficient way to broaden your mind and enrich your background, which can help you create beautiful designs. You can also draw inspiration by visiting local museums and art galleries.

Keep up with the latest trends

You should keep yourself updated with the latest trends and news in architecture and other fields. Being aware and well-informed of what’s going on in the world is crucial for being an architect. Keep track of the changing economies, the latest scientific discoveries, award winners, and more. One of the hottest trends in architecture nowadays is green architecture which promotes more eco-friendly methods of designing buildings and sustainable ways of making them calamity-proof. The Pixel Building of Australia and the Museum of Tomorrow of Brazil are examples of green buildings. You can also explore features like solar panels, blue roofs, roof gardens, and retaining walls. You can also click here to learn more about retaining walls.

Share your talent

Volunteering is an excellent way to gain experience while serving your community. This is also a trick to widen your connections. You can do tons of things like help struggling students or give a free tour around your town’s historical sites. You’ll have a profound sense of purpose through this exposure.

Final thoughts

Being an architect means you have the chance to make the world a better place. So keep on learning and improving yourself. May these simple tips help you in your journey.


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