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The National Construction Council blog hosts posts relating to everything from updates of work in progress to before and after posts on major refurbishments; tips from hiring trades people to relevant construction laws and guidelines, it’s all there, but, we need more.

The blog is the perfect opportunity for further promoting your services by revealing trade insights and guides. Post information on do’s and don’ts or preparation guide lines for customers. It’s all relevant and we want it.

If you would like to write for us then we’ll answer some questions you may have.

What should I write about?

You can write about anything relating to, or about, the construction industry. This doesn’t necessarily mean that only trades people and industry insiders will be considered.

When we say ‘anything’ we also mean the experience that you, as a customer, might have had with work carried out on your house or place of work. You can praise a company, or not; you can highlight the benefits of the work carried out and relate any misgivings you had before work commenced, or after.

Do you require any specific style?

Content should be informative and entertaining. Offer advice or news, give guidelines or strategy, and relate experiences or insights. Where possible, include photographs; before and after scenarios are always appealing.

Do you require facts and quotes?

Not everything has data or quotes attached but if it does, then check any facts and cite sources. Adding the source of a relevant website backing up information on your blog post gives it credibility. It can reflect you or your company in a positive way, enhancing your reputation in the field and gaining much sort after promotion in a competitive world.

When constructing the content for your blog post, there is one guideline that you should follow. The reader should be at the forefront of your mind. A customer won’t know the jargon or technical terms used within the construction industry so the language should be aimed at them; in short, simplify it. If there is the need to contain technical data or industry related jargon, link to it for those in the know to follow, should they require the additional information.

Contact us with ideas you may have for the blog page. We at the National Construction Council are always interested in any contributions you have. Find out how to get in touch on our contact page.

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