4 Tips for Finding a Reliable Roofing Contractor

4 Tips for Finding a Reliable Roofing Contractor

Installing a new roof or doing repairs and maintenance to an existing one is a huge project and thus you should do a good job when hiring a contractor. The roof plays a big role in protecting your interiors. If the job is not done well, you not only end up with a bad roof but you could also end up ruining your entire home. Roofing is also a risky job considering the height and thus it ought to be done by someone who knows how to do it safely. This article highlights some essential factors to consider when hiring a roofing contractor for your home.

Experience and Expertise

The first thing you should check is the experience and expertise of the contractor. You shouldn’t choose any contractor, but a contractor who has experience in roofing. If you need a green roof, go with a contractor who has experience in installing green roofs. Look for the right experience and expertise. Most contractors will have a list of the services they offer on their website. For instance, https://belfastroofingservices.co.uk/ highlights slate and tile roof repairs, gutter cleaning and full reroofing as some of the services the company offers.

Legal Compliance

Once you find a company that has the experience and expertise you need for your job, next check if they have fulfilled all the regal requirements for roofing contractors in your country. Of most importance are a licence and insurance. In the US, for example, a license is issued to contractors who meet certain requirements set by the state. Confirm the license, and general liability and workers compensation insurance. In the UK, a licence isn’t needed, and anyone can work as a roofer, which means you’ll need to be extra vigilant.

Read Reviews

What do other homeowners have to say about the company? If you know someone who has worked with the company, ask them about their experience. Next, look for online reviews on sites such as Yelp. If you find reviews on sites that are less popular, check the about us section to know who runs the site and their motive. Only rely on reviews from reputable sites.

Interview the Contractors

If the reviews are good, call the contractor and set up a meeting with them. Don’t hire them yet before you go over a few details. During your meeting, ask them how they intend to complete your projects. Ask for proof of past projects they have handled in the past and how much the project will cost. Don’t forget to ask who will be handling your project. Some contractors outsource their jobs to others, especially when they have a lot of projects. Unless you are hiring a general contractor to handle many projects, it is advisable to go with a company that will not send someone else to your home.

Once you agree on all the specifics, get a contract with all the details of your project. If you are not sure about the content, talk to a legal expert. Keep your contract safe as it will be helpful in case the contractor fails to meet their end of the deal.

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